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Around the traps - your weekly dose of all the relevant fantasy news for the week (week 3)

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Around the Traps podcast is out now. Robo, TK and the Super Coach Whisperer cover all the relevant fantasy info for the week. On today's podcast we have news on the Hammer, Reimis Smith, Cody Ramsey, Reuben Garrick, Lachlan Miller and bit of news from the Tigers and Broncos.

Be sure to listen to the SC Whisperer on the Dual Position Podcast. He also does a cracking job on his social media content.

Easy link to connect with his podcast and his socials -

The Talking League Text Book is OUT NOW and features a comprehensive guide to NRL Fantasy for 2023.

The features of the Text Book:

  • 180+ pages full of of the world’s best analysis and dribble

  • 17 team profiles, predicted rd 1 lineups, season schedule analysis & representative player analysis

  • 391 player profiles with NRL Fantasy projections and Classic & Draft recommendations

  • Q&A with the Champs featuring 2022 NRL Fantasy champion Will McAteer & 2021 Champ Shane Ewart

  • Power Rankings for the top 20 players per position

  • Our bold predictions for 2023

  • Classic & Draft strategy & tips

20% of profits from the Text Book will be donated to Bowel Cancer Australia to honor the legacy and contribution to the fantasy community of Steve Nicholls who passed away from Bowel Cancer a short time ago.

Our partners at GameDay Squad have also thrown in a two free pack of player cards valued at $9.99 each.

Talking League Cup is open now so come join our public NRL Fantasy comp. League PIN - ALYZ6DCV


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