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Brisbane Broncos 2021 Fantasy Preview featuring Broncos assistant coach Terry Matterson

Episode guide:

1:10 - Welcome Terry Matterson

1:30 - The value of the old school lock

2:26 - How his job as assistant came about and his role at the club

4:02 - The importance of having a mix of young and old players

4:50 - Will Andrew McCullough be ready for rd 1

5:07 - Insights into Jordan Riki

6:22 - Who is contending for the edge positions

7:05 - Will Payne Haas and Patrick Carrigan be seeing reduced minutes?

7:55 - Anthony Milford

8:40 - Who are the young blokes catching his eye at training?

Fantasy analysis

9:35 - Are Haas and Carrigan too expensive and what are their projections?

12:02 - The value of Tevita Pangai Junior

13:30 - Will Anthony Milford and Jamayne Issako produce the goods?

15:55 - Spice it up - We run through the rookies Riki, Niu and Palasai

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