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St George Illawarra Dragons 2021 Fantasy Preview featuring Dragons assistant coach Matt Elliott

Episode guide:

2:00 - Welcome Matt Elliott

2:18 - How his new job came about

5:05 - Insights into Anthony Griffin

6:27 - Coaching and the media

7:30 - Looking at the game as a coach

9:00 - The past is the past and coming in with a clean slate

10:36 - Will we see Josh Kerr move into a starting role and increased minutes

11:54 - Insights into the progress of Poasa Faamausili

12:45 - How Jackson Ford is developing

13:50 - Update on the health of Tariq Sims

14:33 - How Jack Bird is progressing and his likely position in round 1

16:44 - Are the rookies ready for 25 rounds of NRL?

18:50 - Cody Ramsey

19:27 - Establishing effective team culture in a less talented team at Canberra

Fantasy analysis

22:25 - What is your interest in the big dogs Cam, Hunt and Lomax. What are their values in draft and classic?

28:06 - Can Poasa Faamausili and Jackson Ford be break out starts in 2021?

30:06 - Any takers on Jack Bird, Tariq Sims or Corey Norman?

33:11 - Any other value you are seeing?

35:10 - Spice it up – Do you fancy Ramsey, Sullivan, Feagai or Amone?

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