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Falling Gun - exploring the cash downs for round 19

Welcome back to Falling Gun with a twist. With a new Covid wave impacting the community, players testing positive is a reality that means they may be sidelined for a week. For fantasy coaches, this article will focus on Aaron Booth, Sean Keppie and Sosefo Fifita as cash out options sub 300k that can sit in your emergencies and help you maintain a full playing squad.

Aaron Booth (269k) (BE -2) (Owned by 0% in Top 100, 0% in Top 1000 and 0.02% in Top 5000)

With Booth first being selected when Holbrook announced he was looking towards 2023, he appears to have clear job security. Although only with a 1 game sample size, the Titans’ selection of a bench utility and Clark’s transition into a middle forward ensures Booth clearly has 60 minutes of game time each week. Across 6 games in 2021 and 2022 where he has played a total of 171 minutes, Booth has scored 124 fantasy points and made 118 tackles. In 60 minutes last week, he scored 47 fantasy points and made 42 tackles. What appears to be a similar style of game to McCullough, Booth looks to be a reliable 18/19th man who could average 40 make at least 120k in the next three weeks.

Recommendation - Buy and potentially cash out in Round 24/25 if your trades permit.

Sean Keppie (250k) (BE 19) (Owned by 0% in Top 100, 0.30% in Top 1000 and 0.34% in Top 5000)

In 2022, Keppie has missed only 1 game due to HIA protocols. Although he only has a season average of 21.4 points per game, Keppie is a mainstay in the Sea Eagles’ top 17. Keppie has on average amassed 25.3 fantasy points through 40.1 minutes per game this year when starting at prop. While you would prefer to play Booth for the week, Keppie as a DPP gives you Middle and Edge cover. For fantasy coaches, Keppie will remain a green dot for the rest of the season and is only 1 injury away from a bigger minute role in the Sea Eagles team.

Recommendation - Buy but avoid playing in your top 19, especially if named on the bench.

Sosefo Fifita (255k) (BE -5) (Owned by 1% in Top 100, 0.30% in Top 1000 and 0.08% in Top 5000)

Fifita as a young winger in a struggling team without pedigree should be fantasy irrelevant. However, the Fifita names excites everyone and Sosefo excited fantasy coaches last week with a score of 50 points. Without a try, Fifita accumulated 37 fantasy points through metres gained, tackles and tackle busts. While this base is repeatable and he will score a try at some point, his score was potentially inflated by only one missed tackle and one turnover tackle. The issue is Marzhew’s sudden absence and the lack of sample size, as wingers can easily become red dots and only score between 10 - 20 fantasy points per game when dominated in defence, seeing a lack of ball or there is a drop in there work ethic. If able to score 30 points per week, Fifita will make close to 100k and provide coaches with wfb cover.

Recommendation - A weak buy because of a lack of job security and the Titans’ poor attacking record.

My Top 6 Cash Out options sub 300k

  1. Aaron Booth

  2. Sean Keppie (MID/EDG Dual)

  3. Adam Pompey (CTR/WFB Dual)

  4. Declan Casey

  5. Sosefo Fifita

  6. Herman Ese’ese

That’s a wrap for Falling Gun in Round 19. Be sure to check out Talking League’s weekly podcasts as well as other published articles. Remember, strategy and planning for trading in cash outs with job security is key to maintaining a playing squad, giving positional cover and ensuring you are not playing with 16 some weeks.


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