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Fast Five with Jake Olive - Round 18

Latrell Mitchell $557k (BE 37) Average: 40 Ownership: 7.7% (+1.46%)

Latrell Mitchell has started to become a regular in my articles in the past few weeks as he continues putting up great scores of 43 and 61. I think I have officially changed my verdict on him to a definite buy now, as it seems his trip over to the States has got him into a great physical shape. His price hasn’t moved too much in the past couple of weeks and with a BE of 37, it seems like this is the week to pick him up. Note that his average at fullback this season in non-injury games is still only 45, and he does have a hard draw coming up which includes the Panthers, Storm, Cowboys, Sharks, and Eels. I still don’t expect him to overtake the top 3 WFB’s in Hynes Teddy and Pap this season, but he is a great value option for those that can’t afford all three.

Final Decision: YES

Zac Hosking $260k (BE -10) Average: 55 Ownership: 2.1% (+0.89%)

Those that picked up Hosking last week as a cash out must be absolutely cheering this week after being named to start on an edge again, backing up from a 55-point score on debut the last week. If you are a coach looking for a cash out this week, you could go a lot worse than Hosking who looks set to play another 80 minutes this week. Just note that this may be the last game of the season that he plays, which would make him a red dot from round 19 onwards. This is okay if you don’t have a long-term red dot already, however if you already have 1 or 2 red dots rotting in your EMG, I would not be touching Hosking.

Final Decision: Yes – Only if you don’t have a long-term red dot already

Daly Cherry-Evans $799k (BE 49) Average: 61.5 Ownership: 10.6% (+0.70%)

DCE is having a typical DCE year and is a proven top 2 HLF in NRL Fantasy. There really isn’t too much to say about him, if you have the money to get him, do it! There is a slight chance he gets rested in round 18, but with Manly still fighting to make the top 8 I would assume he is likely to play. If you are looking to pick him up, keep an eye on late mail to make sure if doesn’t pull up sore from origin.

Final Decision: YES

Cameron Murray $816k (BE 62) Average: 64.3 Ownership: 9.4% (+0.68%)

Cam is currently having a career best season averaging over 60 and is the number 1 MID to have for the run home. His price has slightly dropped back after scoring a 49 from 44 minutes in round 14, which has affected his rolling average. Note that this score came in a week where he was backing up from origin 1, so this is very likely to happen again this week. Worst case scenario he may also be rested this week, however similarly to DCE, his club are currently in a fight to make the 8 so JD may be temped to play him. If you can afford to wait a week on him, that would be my suggestion, but regardless he should still be a premium gun for the run home.

Final Decision: NO – wait a week

Jake’s POD/s of the week

Joseph Tapine $835k (BE 46) Average: 54.9 Ownership: 6.7% (Top 100: 2%, Top 1000: 3.9%, Top 5000: 6.14%)

Tapine had a slow start to the season only averaging 44 over the first 3 rounds of the competition. This has changed in recent times however with his minutes and workload getting a good bump. His current 5 round average is 71.2, which has seen his price increase over $800k. This does make him an expensive option, however for those coaches in the top 1000 who have a great team value already and are looking for that point of difference to rise up the ranks, I think Tapine is the guy.

As always, big shout out to, which is where I do all my statistical research. Good luck to everyone for the week ahead! If you haven’t yet check out the round 18 TLT podcast with TK, Andy, Corby and Pat. Also be sure to send your questions in on our live Facebook Q&A at 6pm Thursday with TK, JWarrior and myself.


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