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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Avoid James Roberts

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

James Roberts enters the 2021 season as a cheapie. The former State of Origin star opens at $336k and a break even of 25.

He seems to be in every team I see on social media and comes in at an ownership of 19.8% which is the third highest ownership in his position behind Jake Averillo and Jack Bird.

What is a massive red flag is when Wayne Bennett shows you the door. With both injuries and off field issues, Roberts was restricted to just 6 games and hasn’t played since round 10.

His track record in 2019, he played 16 of 25 games for an average of 35 however had 1 game of 5 mins and 34 mins so taking these games out his average is 39. He cracked 50 points on 4 occasions.

In 2018, Roberts played 21 of 25 games for an average of 34. In those 25 games he only cracked 50 points twice with a high of 55 and this is the year he played State of Origin.

When Wayne Bennett shows you the door after recruiting you from the Broncos for me that’s a massive red flag you can’t turn away from. I think we are living on false hope that he will become the player we saw play for NSW.

In that price range, Averillo is at $302k and Paul Momirovski at $368k, two young centres who we still haven’t got enough data to project their ceiling but far more upside for your fantasy team.

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