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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Buy Josh Curran

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Josh Curran is a name that has popped up on the radar late in the pre-season with some game time for the warriors in their most recent trial against the Titans.

Curran is priced at $246 000 and could be a cheap option in that EDG position with a BE of 18.

I am not sure what game time he will get with other quality back rowers such as Harris, Katoa, Murchie, BMM and Sironen and maybe it’s a case of the reading too much into a trial.

In spite of that when he has a PPM of 0.85 he has to be one to be considered if he can see some game time in 2021. There is also the chance of filling a spot due to injury.

A hypothetical 40 minutes to rest the big edge back rowers in BMM and Katoa could see 34 points and a price rise of around $200 000.

Pencil the name Josh Curran in and keep an eye out for him come TLT.

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