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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Buy Junior Paulo

Junior Paulo is one forward who looks like he would excel with the faster game, and to add to that he dropped a couple of kilos training for his boxing fight. In 2018 he averaged 32 FP, 2019 was 40 and 2020 was 49.7. I see him going to another level again this year with his footwork and ball playing ability.

When he played more than 50 mins he averaged 53 FP with another preseason and also the extra weight loss he may have the potential to stay on the field more, he averaged 52 mins in 2019 and 54 mins in 2020 with a ppm of 0.92.

He is poised to hit another level this year and could be one of those players that can hit solid 50s with a bit of upside if his minutes increase. We have all seen his talent in play and he was a big reason parra were able to play so well in the early 2020 season.

In a recent article Brad Arthur mentioned that he wants to have Paulo on the field for longer maintain that quality, and push for close to 80 mins. While last season he did manage to play 6 games over 60 mins with a PPM of 0.83, BA has challenged him to try and increase his minutes without losing his quality, and with his rise in form and parra falling short of the premiership last year, look for Paulo to take that challenge head on in 2021.

At only 4.55% ownership he may be a pod for your team, or am I just being too much of a Parra lover and I am off my head?

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