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Newcastle Knights NRL Fantasy preview 2022

With the news of the injury to Jayden Brailey the Newcastle Knights become one of the trending fantasy teams to kick off the season.

The boys debate the value and potential bounce back factor in Kalyn Ponga, while Corby goes hard backing Mitch Barnett and TK see value in Kurt Mann. David Klemmer and Bradman Best make the dud list and Corby creates a massive narrative in cheapie Bailey Hodgson. The debate rages on the true value and prospects for projected replacement hooker Chris Randall. Is Randall a true buy or does he reek of trap city?

Tune in now for all the in-depth analysis with plenty of draft chat to conclude the podcast.

Talking League Cup is open now with the league pin DVRFR5TJ jump in an have some fun with the crew. Find all our podcast episodes at


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