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Newcastle Knights - NRL Fantasy preview 2023

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Welcome back for the 2023 season. TK and Pat rip into the first team preview of the year in the Newcastle Knights who have a tonne of new faces for the season. The Talking League Text Book will be out January 30 and features a comprehensive guide to NRL Fantasy for 2023

  • 180+ pages full of of the world’s best analysis and dribble

  • 17 team profiles, predicted rd 1 lineups, season schedule analysis & representative player analysis

  • 391 player profiles with NRL Fantasy projections and Classic & Draft recommendations

  • Q&A with the Champs featuring 2022 NRL Fantasy champion Will McAteer & 2021 Champ Shane Ewart

  • Power Rankings for the top 20 players per position

  • Our bold predictions for 2023

  • Classic & Draft strategy & tips

Players covered in the podcast include Jayden Brailey, Adam Elliott, Kalyn Ponga, Jackson Hastings, Dominic Young, Kurt Mann, Tyson Gamble, Daniel and Jacob Saifiti, Bradman Best and Krystian Mapapalangi.


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