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Canberra Raiders 2021 Fantasy Preview featuring Raiders assistant coach Brett White

Today episode is the NZ Warriors 2021 Fantasy Preview featuring Warriors assistant coach Justin Morgan

Episode Guide:

2:20 - What takes the Raiders to the next level?

4:04 - Where Jarrod Croker is in his rehab from this shoulder surgery?

5:00 - Matt Timoko and Harley Smith-Shields

5:50 - New fullback depth

7:15 - Bailey Simonsson

8:44 - Curtis Scott

9:50 - Will Josh Hodgson be right for rd 1 and the hooker competition in the squad

13:30 - Right edge competition between Young and Harawira-Naera

18:10 - The next progression for Guler and Horsburgh

20:51 - Any youngsters to look out for this year

Fantasy Analysis:

22:05 - The big 3 - Wighton, Papalii and Tapine

29:00 - Who projects higher on an edge Hudson Young or Corey Harawira-Naera

32:00 - Josh Hodgson

33:34 - Interest in George Williams

35:25 - Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad

36:20 - Ryan James

37:05 - Matt Timoko

39:40 - Bailey Simonsson

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