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Round 21 burning issues and all your questions answered

New podcast episode is out now and we chat all the NRL Fantasy burning issues from round 21 and we rip through all your questions from social media.

Burning questions on the agenda

1. Is Braydon Trindall a legitimate cash down?

2. Too early to jump on Euan Aitken?

3. Morgan Harper for the run home?

4. Best options to replace Ben Hunt?

5. Is it finally time for Jayden Brailey to be sold?

6. Corbs team chat – Ponga vs Doueihi vs others

7. Can you captain Tommy against the Storm? If not what are our options Thanks to everyone who sent in questions on the socials. Questions tonight include:

1. Vinny Sharma - Who is the more Priority sell, Hynes or the cheese??

2. Michael John Fulcher - Using final 2 trades please help

Cookie vs grant


Best vs manu

3. Antony Petri - 2 trades left, keep Hunt or trade? Have Reed, Api and Hodgson

4. Jordon Compton - If you have gutho, is it worth keeping him for Eels difficult run home? Or trading him out for someone else?

5. Matthew Taket - is Connor Watson still a sell if you're holding him?

Hi boys. I have B.Hunt who is gone with a broken arm and also have Brailey and Connor Watson who both produced a very low score.

Not looking at trading in like for like as these guys are on bench/emergencies.

So I am looking at choices out of a few young guys who have produced decent averages from their last 3 games and also viewing as POD's, just to veer away from the standard selected high profile players and make things a little exciting.

Would really like your take on these guys and which three would you choose......

Gamble 3 game average 60.7,

Riki 3 game average 77.3,

Morgan Harper 3 game average 67.3,

Trindall averaging 52 and looking to step up in place of SJ,

Kolomatangi 3 game aaverage of 66, and the last one is Toby Sexton who will be out when Fogarty returns, but is looking impressive with a 71 and 72.

7. Nelly Davis -Buy Ryan Papenhuyzen or Latrell Mitchell?

8. Fergus – Like most I’ve lost Hughes and Hunt. Thinking DCE for Hughes but need a 9 to replace Hunt?

9. Patrick Michael John Hewitt - You lads reckon Cleary’s a pick up as soon as he returns or wait and see proposition? If he’s named in Jersey 21, do you pick him up in case of a late switch?

10. Andre Fatiaki - Hey boys hope everyone still has some trades left to talk to us about lol. Best pick up considering the run home and averages out of A.Crichton, Ponga or Teddy?


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