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Round 4 teams, your fantasy questions and return of the GOAT

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Round 4 TLT is here with GOAT returning and Turbo continuing to shoot blanks. Kyle replaces Andy and joins TK and Corby to spin some new narratives for round 4.

We are exited to announce that Game Day Squad is finally here. We are investors in Australia's first NFT fantasy platform. More information can be found at . Use code TALKINGLEAGUE20 at checkout for 20% off pack (log out of the platform to use this code) but highly recommend you use the free version of the site, register your team and experience the thrill of pack opening and building a team.

The beta site is live now on desktop. This is not the finished product. Right now you can register your team, open starter packs, purchase and open common, rare and unique packs, build your squad and refer your mates. Next on the agenda is mobile and safari optimisation, detailed player stats, referral benefits and the transfer market where you can trade your cards for cash.

Talking League Cup is open now with the league pin DVRFR5TJ jump in an have some fun with the crew and win a fantasy ring as the main prize. Find all our podcast episodes at


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