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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Watchlist Ryan Matterson

Ryan Matterson had his best season to date with an average of 60 FP. If you remove the game where he got injured and scored 5 points, he actually averages 64 FP which puts him at 6th best overall for the 2020 season that minimal stat changes things for me and has me looking at Matterson for 2021.

It has been confirmed that Moses and Matterson will be switching to the left side where parra scored 25 tries last year compared to the right sides 13. Matterson could be up for a few more touches and have opportunity to get more attacking stats fingers crossed a few meat pies. The only uncertainty would be having Opacic instead of Jennings on the left which may hinder ball coming that way as Opacic isn’t as good at damaging runs as Jennings was, but that may play into Matterson’s hand by having to create more opportunities himself.

The switch to the left side could be a slow start for the left side attack, for example in the panthers v parra trial game Matterson didn’t get involved as often as I would have liked, but I have to stress again it was only a trial game. So I wouldn’t read too much into it.

I think Matterson will be a bit of a watchlist to see how the left side switch plays out. He could hit low 50s at the start and drop in price, Matto loves to get involved and will eventually hit those 60 point games. So you could get him for a little bit cheaper after a few games.

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