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Snakes Takes - Corby's punting play of the week

Due to popular demand (TK asked me to chuck up a multi) I am throwing up my multi for the weekend of round 14.

In my studies of the weekend’s games, I spotted plenty that I liked and have gained confidence in the warmer weather and dry tracks. This has led me come up with what we punters like to call “a sure thing”.

The first leg is the Bunnies who are starting to heat up to win 13+ against the Titans. When they have played other bottom 4 teams in the past few weeks, they have won by +20 (Dogs), +26 (Tigers) and although only got home by 2 against the warriors were up by 26 with 17 to go in what was nearly a crazy comeback by the Warriors. This tells me the Bunnies are flat-track bullies and with the Titans having another reshuffle in their inexperienced spine they could be in trouble.

The next leg is on young Tolutau Koula for an anytime try who is yet to score a try in 2022. He has looked more dangerous with each game he plays and will have his El capitano feeding him quality ball back full of confidence from origin and running outside Olakau’atu he surely breaks the duck egg. Koula also comes up against the edge of Naden who is not renowned for his defence.

The final leg will be the Panthers v Knights game where I tip the overall points will be on the overs (+41.5). The Knights are starting to get some troops back but it seems whoever comes in for the Panthers just gets the job done. in recent days the Panthers boys that played for the blues were not happy with their games in origin 1 and this was lead by Cleary who I expect (if he plays) to have a huge game. It was 38-20 last time they met and I can see plenty of points come Sunday arvo once again.

So with the three legs bundled up it will give a juicy price of $13. Enjoy the long weekend and goodluck on the punt!

Leg 1 – Koula anytime ($2.85)

Leg 2 – Bunnies 13+ ($2.40)

Leg 3 – Panther v Knights (overs +41.5) ($1.90)



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