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South Sydney Rabbitohs 2021 Season Preview

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

TK’s take on the Rabbitohs:


Depth of the Squad - Strong right through the squad, the Bunnies have the advantage of selection headaches trying to fit everyone into the starting 13. To think at the start of 2020, players like Corey Allen and Jaydn Su'a were fringe players and Wayne Bennett turned them into Origin players who were influences of the game every week.

Spine - Any team with Damien Cook, Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker are always going to be a threat and can rack up huge scores against any line up. Fullback is the contentious area, will Bennett ease Latrel back through the centres or continue with his plans of Mitchell at fullback. Corey Allen when given his opportunity late in the season really showed his up to an elite standard and it also allowed Cody Walker more reins to rome either side of the ruck. For mine, Mitchell is the best centre in the world and the team I feel will perform better as a unit with Allen at fullback.

WEAKNESSES Edge back rowers - It will be interesting to see if Cam Murray is put onto an edge to bring in Jai Arrow. It was surprising to see Bayley Sironen leave after such a good season. Possibly Murray to the edge was already in the works so he decided to explore his chances with the Warriors.

With only Su'a, Jacob Host, Taane Milne and Brock Gardner this area looks like their only potential weakness given the loss of both Sironen and Ethan Lowe. This can easily turn into a strength, Cam Murray is a born footballer and given time in the position will develop into an elite edge player, his football IQ is through the roof for a player who is only 22 years old.

An enforcer - It's a tough task replacing Sam Burgess who would be considered one of the great enforcers of the modern game. Last pre-season all eyes were on Liam Knight to become the enforcer player. He had a slow start to the season but started to really find his feet towards the back end of the season. He only averages 39 minutes so will need to build his fitness if he's going to leave a mark on the opposite. Jaydn Su'a loved putting on a hit but the team probably needs someone more in the middle to take this stance. Jai Arrow doesn't have this in his game, maybe a left field choice is young gun Keaon Koloamatangi who really broke onto the scene with some great performances.

Winning a prelim semi - Losing three prelims in a row will do little to build confidence when it comes to the big games. Even with Super coach Wayne Bennett, the team has failed to fire when it counts. Maybe in his final season, Bennett has something up his sleeve to take them to the big dance. The big three of Cook, Walker and Reynolds need to be the ones to fire, after a huge end to the season, Cody was very quiet when it mattered.


Back up players - A good learning year for the understudies and players coming through. Troy Dargin had a couple of fill in games but Damien Cook doesn't have an experienced back up so could be an opportunity for some one within the junior ranks to step up particularly during the origin period.

For fantasy league coaches a lot will depend on the makeup of the starting line up. In the coming weeks we will do an analysis of both Latrel Mitchell at fullback and in the centres and for Cam Murray on an edge versus the middle.

VERDICT - Premiers. My tip to win the premiership if the big guns stay healthy throughout the season. Elements such as Wayne Bennett's final season at the club adding into such a strong roster and for mine Souths will finally break the hoodoo. My prediction does revolve around the team using Allen at fullback, Latrell in the centres and Murray on an edge.

Where do you see South's finishing in 2021?


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