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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Each week I will be writing about three players, one that is good and if you dont already have should be looking to bring in. Bad, someone that has been stinking up the joint has reasonable ownership but needs to be sold asap. Ugly, that girl that at the nightclub with make up and dim lighting and quite a few beers in you looks good, only to wake up the next day in the cold light of day and you hope no one knows about.


With a lot of teams needing a hooker, Reed could be the perfect fit to end the season strongly for us. With an average of 54 over his last 7 games and a floor score of 47 in those 7 games and a BE 49 this could be as cheap as he gets. The great thing about Reed is you almost need Parramatta to play bad for him to score well as he is a base heavy player with 47 of his average from tackles alone. Let's be honest what a bonus cheering for Parra to be rubbish. You may think, but my hookers at the end should be Cook and Grant, well in utopia that is great but are you confident that 1 or both won't be rested during origin?? Remember Storm play 1 night after origin 3 and the Rabbits 2 days, lets be honest one of them will still be hungover. I am not saying you can't have these 2, but if trades allow you can pull a late sneaky trade to make this work. Reed also has pedigree with a ceiling of 109 just a season ago, I am forecasting sunny days for Mahoney owners.


If you are reading this article and still have him in your team, open your app and remove him immediately. I tried trading him at half time last week when Ricky Stuart had confused him for one of the ball boys and didn't realise he is part of the team. We could liken Starling to a really good looking girl in Thailand who we really liked the look of. We have bought her a few drinks and we start thinking things were on the up and up, but we notice in the corner she has a minder and think that's not good. What's worse we notice that her minder is Ricky Stuart and we get that sinking feeling and now we look closer and realise that she has a particularly large adams apple. Run for your life!! This is a fire sale, save whatever dignity you have and move on to your next hooker oops dummy half might be a better term.


Full disclosure i currently own him (for the 2nd time) and yes i basked in his sweet sweet 69, but guess what he didn't get his BE of 85!. I also cursed his week off, his 8 and his 20. I am pretty confident that over the next 3-5 games he will average 60 and that's mighty attractive. Remember no one marries a MILF. Ok lets look at some his ugly wrinkles, he doesn't play round 17. Now you may say oh but with that average he will make it up, well lets put some light on his next big wrinkle. Todd Payton, this guy can flat out coach NRL, but he could be the 2nd immortal behind Ricky Stuart in the fantasy coach killers hall of fame. So Todd will spend some of JT's petrol during origin to cover the depleted squad. Like a boss though and to the detriment of fantasy coaches he will rest or recharge JT before finals. This will prove problematic as we will be low/out of trades. So if you have him i hope you can upgrade or sideways him at the right time, if you don't have him look for someone that won't hurt so bad at the end of the season and plays round 17. Catch TK, Andy and Corby on the latest round 14 teams podcast from Tuesday.


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