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The Playbook - TK's notes from NRL Fantasy round 17

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Huge round for me with a massive bounce back score of 669. After last weeks very disappointing score I went hard and it paid off going from a rank of 776 to 206.

I have 3 trades left before the next allocation so next week will be determined by judiciary and Origin. Trade thoughts at this stage Penisini to Volkman, Mam to To'o or Staggs and Chese to Harry Grant.


  • I went in big on Jesse Ramien and it paid off. I’ve been tracking him for a few weeks now and really love his base. Always a threat and still I feel a guy to pickup below $600k. Sharks have Cowboys after Origin then a huge game against Penrith. But the draw after that is sweet and everyone below them on the ladder. BUY

  • Blayke Brailey with a lovely 66. If anything happens to Harry Grant in Origin I’m buying him.

  • Tricky Trindall with the goods with a nice 55. Just can’t get a gig because Moylan and Hynes are just playing well but if anything happened to either I would buy. The only issue buying him for a red dot is Fitzy rotating him onto the bench.

  • Will Kennedy is still the best cashdown. You might of missed the boat as he will be over $300k this round. Outstanding 21st man for your roster.


  • Cheese with an outstanding fantasy performance. How he wasn’t sent off for what he said is beyond me. Second time i’ve picked him up for 1 week and likely trading the goose out. Will hold if his suspension is 2 weeks but for he did i’d say the likely scenario is closer to 4 weeks. He should know better.

  • JWarrior put every into Chris Lewis and he produced a nice 45. Scans for Bromwich will likely dictate his value. Likely a short term play and I already went Kennedy so I’m unlikely to need him seeing i’ve got RFM in my emergency.

  • Paps with a very unhappy 28 and dropped $30k. I just didn’t like what I saw against Manly as it was all in the last 10 minutes and he liked way off the pace again.

  • Hughes with a handy 50 all in base. Just don’t think he can keep this up when Munster returns.


  • Barnett rewarding all us believers with a massive 74. Very handy player so hold him for a little while, you might even have him in your final 17 now.

  • Big Klem lost his cool but got off the charge and is back in form. Massive hold.

  • Frizzell with a disappointing 42. Not trap city as he’s a quality player just a little bit off the pace. 4 miss tackles needs to improve.

  • Chris Randall with a handy 41 from his 50 minutes. With Brailey getting through 40 minutes it is time to sell for those who have held him this long.


  • Latrell Mitchell is a steal at his current price. With a 59 BE his price will be literally unchanged despite him scoring a 61. He looks great and the team responds with him in the team. Didn’t have huge run metres but 6 tackle breaks and 2 try assists. Did have 3 penalties so needs to work on that. BUY

  • Cody Walker has looked way different with Trell in the team. With the threat of Trell out the back means more time and space for Cody. Will be around $550k and sometimes you need to pair players that influence eachother. I’ve heard worse ideas than buying Cody Walker.

  • Isaiah Tass was huge for those that held him and scored a very nice 46. With Trell and Cody hitting form this man could be the beneficiary. Had nice base. Will be around $380k so you’ve missed the nice price rises and the round 17.

  • Saliva Havili his his BE but at $534k you could sell him unless something happens to Cookie.

  • Poor Illias owners who held him this long for the round 17 bye round then he cops a HIA in the first minute. Will lose $45k so time to sell him. .


  • Moses doing Moses things with his 79 to make us forget his very poot 35 against the Bunnies. It’s always a roller coaster with this bloke, he’s not an urgent sell and only do it if you can get a DCE or Munster.

  • Ipap is back with a nice 67. At that price he was a steal.

  • Reed Mahoney is an interesting one. He had 23 demerits and dropped the ball with the line wide open. If you have 4 trades or less you have to hold him. Look his a quality player and plays 80 minutes so I wouldn’t rush to sell. But if you can upgrade him to Cook then do it.

  • Dyl Bags with a 45. Against teams like the Tigers this score needs to be 60. Will drop another $60k. Take the same approach as above with Moses.

  • Penisini is now an urgent sell as he is leaking too much cash. Granted he was dudded what looked like a pretty fair try in the first 10 minutes but he has had back to back gams under 20. I think for the run home pair Burton and Aitken if you have them, if you don’t have Aitken then I think Ramien is your guy.


  • Joe O with a consistent 51. Was hyped up big time so I think the score would disappoint buyers. I just can’t bring myself to buy him.

  • Garner with a handy 44. Its time to upgrade him to Ramien type for the run home. Given he is leaving, the job security of guys like him on the run home would be up in the air.

  • Hastings actually had a few long kicks so hopefully that's a sign his foot is healing. Still a shell of the guy we saw earlier in the season, his footspeed just isn’t there. Be interesting to see if they experiment with him at 13 where he can just be link like Rads. He’s big enough at 95kg.

  • Stefano with a 39 in 36 mins so good to see him return to bigger minutes. Looked really good so keep an eye on him as we know his talent levels.

  • Ray Charles could see Adam Doueihi isn’t a centre. Scored a 15 and will lose around $60k. Given the play is too move Brooks at seasons end surely at some stage ahead Doueihi is given the 6 jersey. Had huge kick metres when he came off the bench last week but really only put a couple of bombs in this one. Be nice to see him drop more cash. If he starts in the halves and his price is in the $400k’s i would have a serious look.

  • Fonua Pole looks like quite the cashie. Big minutes two games in a row and really ripped in. 167 run metres, 1 TB, 17 tackles for zero misses, will settle around $280k tomorrow. You should definitely consider if you want a mid in your emergency.


  • Staggs at $499k and BE of 59 is worth a look. Just a damaging ball runner similar to Ramien. Will have some high scores in him and looks about $100k under value. CONSIDER.

  • Zac Hosking is a goer. Unlikely to play again this season but one for the blackbook.

  • Palasia knocked out a handy score and is still a decent cash down.

  • I think its time to sell Ezra Mam. Has got through round 17 and made some decent cash. A handy score with a try but just doesn't seem to be making his scores as easy as he did when he first came into grade. Only played 70 minutes

  • Billy Walters if you've held him this long is now a sell.


  • Jack Bird with another handy score. I wouldn't be chasing him but he is a massive hold if you have him.

  • Andrew McCullough has just hit back to back 50+ scores. Its a massive punt but an 80 minute $500k hooker is hard to find especially if your bank is getting tight.

  • Ramsey with a nice score. Hold him on the emergency for the time being.

  • Talatau Amone I think you could cash down to Volkman and get the exact same thing while cashing close to $200k.

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