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TK's PlayBook - Round 4

Welcome back to TK’s playbook where I break down the winners, losers and black bookers from each game. The PlayBook article is Brought to you by - GameDay Squad. Create, Coach, Compete in Fantasy Footy. Be the coach & WIN. Download the app and play now.

Round 4

Score 950, Rank 5431

Main takeaways

  • I can’t pick a captain to save myself. Was Harry Grant this week may just stick with Haas till I bring in Hynes in round 7.

  • Round itself was stellar. Some great footy and scores.

  • King Nicho is back in a big way. Unfortunate timing with the bye ahead but patience game. Given he had ice on his groin probably from all just fantasy coaches trying to show appreciation might be best to let him have one more game against the Warriors lets just hope he doesn’t go on a rampage.

  • How good is the fantasy community. Massive thank you to everyone who came out to the Live Podcast at Garrison Public House. Was just great to meet you guys and gals and get to know a little bit more about you guys and your love of fantasy.

  • For all the Aussies, the Saturday of Magic Round our live podcast and meet and great will be at Lefty's music hall from 12-3pm so can't wait to see you guys there.

Trades on my mind

Izaac Thompson to Connolly Lemuelu - Thompson just has zero consistency and a low ceiling.

Ben Murdoch Masila to Brendan Hands - Just not sold on Hands job security or BA.

Player charges

  • Jeremiah Nanai - Dangerous Throw - 2 to 3 weeks

  • Junior Paulo - High tackle - 2 to 3 weeks

  • Jack Wighton - Dangerous contact - 2 to 3 weeks

  • Fines for Val Holmes, Jed Cartwright, Maika Sivo, Mitch Kenny, Jayden Sullivan


  • Sean O’Sullivan - pec, 12 to 16 weeks

  • Kurt Mann - HIA

  • Jamal Fogarty - Late scratching due to a virus

  • Tohu Harris - Knee

  • Fa’amanu Brown - Dislocated Elbow

  • Kieran Foran - Calf

  • AJ Brimson - Hamstring

  • Murray Taulagi - MCL

  • James Tamou - Foot

  • Gehamat Shibasaki - Hamstring

  • Soni Luke HIA

Eels vs Panthers


  • The Chin binned his betrayers. Great performance particularly the last 20 minutes from the chin. The field goal in those circumstances and distance could be the best clutch play of our era. Cleaned up his defence in this one, was active and even set up a beautiful try for Hosking with a crisp bread and butter play. The only negative was those performances back in the day were 100+ however its not 2021 covid ball anymore. His halves partner Luai is currently on another planet. On Luai I think he is really missing Kikau and struggling to combine with Garner. It might be a simple move but I'd switch To’o to give him extra guns on that side and provide some comfort.

  • Hosking is so gun. One of the best edge defenders when it comes to work rate (55TCK) and the line he hit off Cleary was first class. Issue is Liam Martin is coming back, Garner is in and out of favor and Cleary Snr loves Salmon. Also can Hosking continue this outside of Luai vs outside of Cleary.

  • The two Penrith hookers must have the most HIA checks between them. Makes it a huge risk play to pick up either.

  • Mitch Moses celebrating his fat contract with the match winning field goal. He had 975KM which I have never seen before.

  • Is Bryce Cartwright now the greatest cashie of all time? I’ve critised his NRL performance to start the season, however Thursday tonight he was really good both sides of the ball.

  • Will Penisini is quietly becoming the most consistent centre fantasy option. Averaging 47 with only 1 try in 4 games. Boy is a stud.

  • Ryan Matterson really stepped up in this one. Be interesting now with Carty playing well where he plays moving forward. But great fantasy output with 70 FP and a huge performance. I do think playing edge restricts his off loading ability though.

  • Suspension to Paulo really puts a spanner back into the Eels very weak MID rotation. Does Matto move back there, Makatoa start or potentially the returning Murchie?

Black Book

  • Turuva is continuing to be on my mind. Still hasn’t scored a try but his carries are so ultra impressive (312MG) and he gets to his feet incredibly fast.

  • Brendan Hands had an incredible debut. Scored a nice try and had 43 FP. Knocked out 34 minutes and even without the try had 28 tackles. Was busy and had nice touches. The risk is job security but for mine Hodgson at 33 isn’t a 80 minute hooker. His got a nice dual also and is right now a better cashie than a BMM or even Doorey. Risk it for the biscuit but not for conservative coaches.

Storm vs Tigers


  • The Storm played direct and much more conservatively early. Both edges were brilliant in different ways. Loiero (56 FP) was work rate and consistently running off Munster while Katoa (59 FP) may take the best edge hole runner off Nikora if he continues his form. Munster made a huge difference to Loeiro that’s why you don’t sell him. Harry Grant was very quiet in attack with only 49MG from dummy half. A mix of the conversative play leading to slower play the balls and it did look like they were content to get to the kick. Did make 50 TCKS but had a few sloppy misses (4 MT) that were frustrating particularly when he was your captain.

  • Warbrick responded to JWarriors call out for a huge 64. Used his size and speed to get over the try line, 2 LB, 5TB and 3 TO. Tiddy performance to reverse the haters.

  • Adam Doueihi (39 FP) had an up and down game. Not an urgent swell but if you’ve been good with your trades coming up line up a round 7 Hynes upgrade.

  • The Tigers might be crappy right now but we need to keep an eye on them. One of the first teams to finish their byes so you may be a few of them back end of the season. Ipap (78FP) and Bateman (74 FP) were the stand outs, interesting post game Sheens saying that Bateman is carrying an injury but not wanting to disclose. The other one is Api Koroisau as he is starting to get cheap if you don’t want to over spend on a hooker. Had 41FP but had an unusual 9 miss tackles so on a good day that would of been 60.

Black Book

  • Fonua Pole needs more minutes. Scored 46FP in 51 minutes but fronted up to the more experienced Storm middles. Currently at $489K if those minutes in a stacked packed could be closer to 60 mins I think we got a ball player here.

Dolphins vs Broncos


  • Staggs with a huge 59 FP and the match winner. Rode him home like a jockey at the races. Starting to build a lot of confidence and his centre partner Farnworth (53 FP) would be centre of the year so far.

  • Connelly Lemuelu has passed the 3 dates and is on the way in. Looks so good you could see Kenny Bromwich making the permanent move to the middle as it just suits the team more. BUY as the dual ctr/edg brings great depth with around a 36 pt base.

  • Walshy needs to clean up the errors. Had 40FP but was magic to watch, don’t think theres a better player to watch right now in the NRL.

  • Reyno is ultra disappointing, particularly in a week we recommend him. Hands up for that one but can see an easy turnaround, his goal kicking let him down and had a number of demerits he generally wouldn’t make, keep the faith.

  • The O’Sullivan injury is a huge one as young Katoa is 52.2% owned. Bennett has the call to give him the keys to the castle or move Milf into the role. Big TLT ahead.

  • Ray Stone because of the number of injuries got 54 mins but could only punch out a disappointing 19 due to 12 demerits in an undisciplined game.

Black Book

  • All eyes on Katoa’s role this week.

Cowboys vs Titans


  • Khan Pereira had a good time out there and is developing into quite the player. 2T, 5LB, 6TB and made those who kept the faith $64k. To think we thought he was going to zero when we had no idea of the $230K floor.

  • Tanah Boyd is now starting to get some output. May have to move him to upgrade to Nicho but his dual hooker / half status may save him for the time being.

  • Erin Clark with another super disappointing display. Got 55 mins but only had 22FP so his a huge avoid.

  • Hopefully get some honesty from the Titans in regards to Brimson’s hamstring injury. If it is high grade well this opens up Jayden Campbell. Unfortuately they have the bye this week but on return he is going to $420K which is too good to refuse if Brimo is anything over 6 weeks out. Track closely.

  • Luki is starting to pick up his match fitness and output. Scored a 38FP in 57 minutes to show his got his wheels returning. Featured 2 TB and 2 TO’s. Given Nanai’s likely suspension would be back into the starting line up, would of preferred both of them starting together for job security though. $460K is good for this fella and I would back him to retain the starting gig over Hess.

  • Not sure why Payten is playing Granville 40 minutes. Must have naked photos of him or something.

Black Book

  • Luki and Campbell (see above)

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Souths vs Manly


  • Cam Murray is a slight concern as he is leaking a bit of cash now. 58 FP in 80 minutes with a tone of ball playing. Also had 3 PC, 1 SAI and 1 error to zap his score. He’s carrying the middle and playing way too long of minutes.

  • Pass on Suluka Fifita, even starting he just doesn't have the work rate or motor to contribute.

  • Lachlan Illias is developing into a great playmaker. The match winning field goal was clutch, still don’t mind him but I guess right now everyone is focusing on Nicho Hynes.

  • Turbo had 36FP with a disallowed try that looked good. From time to time this will happen so don’t freak out.

  • Karl Lawton looked the goods. 56FP in 61 minutes replacing Lachlan Croker. Manly are being cagey with info on Croker though just saying Shoulder Injury. Any long term indications and this man is a great BUY.

  • Keppie continues his great form. Got a few extra minutes to satisfy his owners. One of the forward cashies of the year. Still a good cash down if you have a stacked MID. Really love Weekes. Super star in the making that kid.

  • Koloamatangi played as a middle. Still knocked out a handy 56FP but the team as a whole is less effective without him on an edge. Mix it up JD

  • Moale looks set for 20 minute role all season. Not going to make cash doing that so when the right cashie pops up sell him out if you have him.

  • Izzac Thompson isn’t an urgent sell but a sell if you can. Has constant errors in his game, a super low ceiling and getting the ball to him isn’t a priority.

Black Book

  • None

Warriors vs Bulldogs


  • Vintage SJ is back. Was quiet in the first half till the late try he some how got a TA for. Had zero MT defending against Kikau, Burton and co. His match winning try was so good to see with his twinkle step back, I think this is better than any SJ we saw at Cronulla and he had his moments there. The key to knowing he was back was the way he managed the last 10 minutes with his kicking game.

  • If you don’t own Ford well get owning. Best player under $400k atm, will give you a good scorer and depth. 61FP and thats with a bombed try, does need to clean up demerits. Similar to Hopgood very inexperienced at this level and raw but a joy for fantasy coaches.

  • Tohu is a massive concern. Injured just before HT and returned as a mummy. Lasted four minutes. They are saying MCL, but anything over 3 weeks and he is a sell.

  • Burton took back the goal kicking but only knocked out 44FP. The Combo with Flanno I feel isn’t a great one. Reed is overplaying his hand and he has a rookie fullback in Perham who doesn’t pass. This is affecting Mahoney’s out put also and he also got targeted by the big outside backs from the Warriors with 8 MT. The other thing being at the ground was that it is evident that Burton’s kicks are no where near as high as last season.

  • Kiraz was again the Doggies best. Knocked out another great score which included 6TB and 194MG. I haven’t spoken to a single soul that owns the bloke and I don’t know why. Someone please have some courage and buy him please.

Black Book

  • None

Knights vs Raiders


  • Lachie Miller what a gun. 72 FP and even goal kicks now. Thank god that Xavier Savagesunfortunate injury forced me to get him LOL

  • Good to see the Frizz back healthy and firing. Cheeky POD play and great value if you want to trust his health.

  • Gagai (77FP) and Marzhew (78FP) had a field day on the Raiders left edge. Wouldn’t buy them but I like this combo.

  • Jayden Brailey is very close to a BUY especially if you’re playing Boyd as your hooker. Knocked out 59FP in his usual great defensive display. Actually loses cash in this one but is really good value down here.

  • Hudson Young has definitely bottomed out. Back to back 60’s and is a screaming buy as I don’t think you’ll get him this cheap ever again. Only issue will be his left edge partner Wighton being suspended.

  • Tapine continues to find his way to 60 and we haven’t even seen his best asset being his offloading. Super strange start to the year.

  • Timoko is pure class. Cranked out another 50 with 253MG and 6TB. Last chance to BUY.

  • Leo Thompson with another handy 48. May lose the Eeyore tag as he’s really good now.

  • Sticky needs a word to Jacky Wighton. Silly sin bin and without Fog just didn’t own the game and looking at at least a couple of weeks on the sideline suspended. Tom Starling also came back to the pack despite his blinder against the Sharkies.

Black Book

  • None

Dragons vs Sharks


  • If you binned the chin well you have to find a way to Hynes in round 7. No use doing it now unless you believe his going to put a clinic on the Warriors also. Nicho and Cleary not much separates them you’ll need at least one of them

  • Jesse Ramien (70FP) with his best game of the year. Losing all that weight has effected him but found some consistency in this one. Keep an eye on him for a post last bye pick up (I never learn my lesson)

  • Teig Wilton is getting into that must have category. No longer relies on tries and is racking up the base stats. Scores of 45,50,56,50 and ran a beautiful line off Hynes which nearly led to another try. BUY post bye

  • Couchman for the Dragons knocked out a handy 33FP in 27 mins with a great defensive output. Just don’t want any more Dragons.

  • Ben Murdoch Masila with 21FP in 59 minutes is close to the worst player, well atleast the laziest player in fantasy. 23TCK/3MT and 42 MG in his time on the park. Low work rate and demerits central.

  • Not sure why Bird got benched but he’s concerning. Still got 67 minutes but had an unhappy game with 28 demerits. Monitor.

  • Zac Lomax was on another planet also (9FP) he had 3 MT, 4 errors and 2 of the worst goal kick attempts of all time. Even Sifa goal kicked better than him. The new kicking tee isn’t working Zac.

Black Book

  • Couchman (see above)


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