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TK's PlayBook - Round 7

Welcome back to TK’s playbook where I break down the winners, losers and black bookers from each game. The PlayBook article is Brought to you by - GameDay Squad. Create, Coach, Compete in Fantasy Footy. Be the coach & WIN. Download the app and play now.

Round 7

Score - 835

Rank - 4620 (up from 7704)

Main takeaways

  • My captain drought is over. All hail King Nicho

  • These low rounds happen. Don’t be concerned it can’t be 1000 point rounds every week.

  • Keep bye planning and having a look towards round 13-20.

  • Binning players is fun. Bin the Tapin is a must

  • NRL coaches hate fantasy. At least name your proper team or tell us in advance of your weird late changes.

Trades on my mind

No trading.

Player charges

  • Kenny Bromwich - Dangerous contact, 1-2 weeks

  • Nat Butcher - Dangerous contact, 1-2 weeks

  • Tui Kamikamica, Dangerous contact, 2-3 weeks

  • Raymond Tuaimalo - Shoulder charge, 2-3 weeks

  • Fines - Cameron Murray, Davvy Moale, Justin Olam, Trent Loiero, Brandon Smith


  • Keaon Koloamatangi - Ankle, 6-8 weeks

  • Kelma Tuilago - HIA category 1

  • Tom Eisenhuth - hip/groin

  • Brodie Jones - Quad

  • Jordan Riki - Groin

  • Liam Martin - Hamstring

  • Jacob Kiraz - MCL

  • Jake Averillo - Knee

Dolphins vs Rabbitohs


  • A lower scoring game this one. Dolphins did very well for most of the second half before some of the Bunnies big guns like Cody, Trell Mitt and Campbell Graham came to life. The stats guys were off in this one missing several try saves for Katoa, Lemuelu and Hammer.

  • Cam Murray was put on return twice in this one. Got managed for only 61 minutes so had a slight down tick in scoring as did Cookie who had some miss tackles and a much quieter running game in this one. Jai Arrow was great in this one. Also got 61 minutes but got through plenty of works but had 6TB’s and 1 OF also.

  • Milne probably didn’t do enough to keep Thompson out of returning back to the starting line up next week. That right wing is a bit limited though.

  • A lot of coaches bought in Jeremy Marshall King for Brailey. Scored a nice try for dummy half and was ticking well till a few sloppy misses in the second half. If you can’t afford Robson, I do think he is the next best.

  • The Hammer finally with a lower game. A few errors in this one, nothing to worry about it’s difficult to be stellar week in and week out. HOLD

  • Lemuelu was replaced just as Bromwich was sin binned. Was actually defending quite well next to Katoa as the Bunnies did favor the left side in this one. I do think the community as a whole has overrated him a little bit but HOLD for those who have him. Kaufusi is back this week but he will get minutes regardless.

  • I thought Isaiya Katoa was pretty good in this one. His defensive contact was much better and he had several good plays. Season high 40 FP even his halves partner Nikorima had some nice touches but did take a fair bit of kicking away for Katoa.

  • With a few out, Ray Stone got another round of good minutes. Much better score of 39FP despite 10 demerits in his 54 minutes. Last four games he has 54,50,49 and 54 minutes. He is a very angry man. Not a bad price atm. Jarrod Wallace and Felise Kaufusi will be added to the pack though next week.

Black Book

  • None

Sharks vs Roosters


  • Nicho left it till late but showed his class. A couple of beautiful breaks particularly for the Blayke Brailey try. 73FP and the best is yet to come for our King.

  • Brailey with his best game of the year. Best thing was the return of the running game and he picked apart the Roosters mids with some beautiful ruck play drawing a few penalties and set plays. His run to the line for his try was very determined. Pretty sure him and Moylan from what I heard were on notice for their spots and Moyza scored his first try for the season in a vintage performance that despite the great attack was defence orientated. His first contact was superb all night.

  • Oregon Kaufusi was great in this one. 40FP in 41 mins, having 137MG and 5TB’s, this lad is a monster and wants the opportunity. Will only get better. I thought McInness was very good too. 50FP and 56 minutes, in the modern game he just suits that 13 jersey so well. Both would be big punts but if you have the trades I would consider.

  • Briton Nikora I wouldn’t mind having him post the Sharks bye in round 17. The guy is a stud with scores of 73,67,59,51,61. Has base to back up the tries and his defence has improved from 3.4MT (2022) to 2.3MT (2023) and is hitting hard. Could develop into a season keeper past the bye. Keep on the radar.

  • Many good coaches bought in Teddy this week. Lost $35k in scoring 36FP to around $580K which is outrageous. If I didn’t have Walsh I would buy him. The biggest noticeable feature is the 8TB, his try scoring isn’t too far away as they have the Dragons and Warriors next two, so I would back him to break the duck. BUY if you don’t have Walsh or Turbo.

  • Joey Manu only scored 25FP but was dangerously close to breaking out. Had a couple of really good chances but Sifa and Ronaldo were on their game defensively in this one. He drops to $606k losing $38K and is another to keep on the radar as like Teddy, track record in this type of player does not lie. Its all about timing with Manu.

  • Cheese’s running game returned in this one. 77MG to go with his try. Discipline really let him down with the sin bin, something that plagued the Roosters. I did see a lot of people turning back to him and I can see why because of the MID/HOK dual. Still yet to crack a 50 though, so I don’t see a need to rush back unless you want the versatility.

  • The red zone discipline with all the penalties and set restarts was really poor and the ref was constantly warning Teddy, so that one is on him.

  • I would be an avoid on all Roosters forwards. Angus Crichton and Sitili Tupouniua are now back in NSW Cup and I would be surprised if they are not back in a couple of weeks. Matt Lodge only played 22 minutes so I expect that to increase also.

Black Book

  • Oregon Kaufusi - really like this guy.

Sea Eagles vs Storm


  • DCE was stellar in this one with a 92FP which was aided with the goal kicking duties with no Garrick. Bit too close to make an investment that high but this guy is just so durable and proved that with all the late hits he was coping, the Tui one was a shocker.

  • Turbo made his intention felt from the kick off with some big runs. Not great with 33FP but NRL wise his presence opened it up for DCE. I’m not against downgrading him to Teddy. But with the next two games of Tigers and Titans if I was an owner I'm holding that. Given their draw during Origin I would be surprised if he plays more than 2 games during that period.

  • The Manly middle really stood up in this one. Particularly Sipley (48FP) and Paseka (46FP) who saw their best games for the year. Both too expensive to consider but credit where it is due.

  • Loiero was a stand out fantasy wise. Always the case when you trade him out lol Racked up 45TCKs in this one. You may as well hold him into the bye now.

  • The Storm guns didn’t produce in this one. The hybrid FB/Half role of Munster saw its least effectiveness (FP 41), was a little confusing at times. Harry Grant (FP 36) with his worst game of the year. His running game didn’t get going, gave away silly penalties, had some poor errors and even his passing was off particularly that pass to Munster that led to a Hughes error that nearly resulted in a try for Bullemor.

  • Warbrick was good in this one. A great try for 38FP which was mostly all the first half. This game was just weird. So much ill discipline and was just a hard watch particularly when it started bucketing down. Too many cheap shots from both teams.

Black Book

  • None

Warriors vs Cowboys


  • Curran had a cracker in this one. Is so well priced, only issue is Marata Niukore is back next week which will send him back to the bench. Only 1 miss tackle and a beautiful line off SJ for a nice try.

  • SJ continued his good form. Great control and a couple of handy TA’s. He could easily get over $900k in the coming weeks.

  • Tohu Harris got through 63 minutes in his comeback game. Busy game for his 49FP but he would need to get towards 80 minutes to convince me he was a BUY and at full health. Jazz Tevaga is right under the radar. Is averaging 53FP in 56 minutes and what a joy to watch. Would take balls to trade him in but I’d back you if you do.

  • Charnze was heavily traded in this week. I wasn’t a huge fan as I felt his last two games of over 200 metres run would be very hard to maintain. If you have him don’t panic as he will bounce back.

  • Todd Payten is having a shocker. Not sure why Granville starts and knocks out 67 minutes and Jack Gosiewski gets 65 minutes on the left edge. Yeah they have a few out but neither of these guys are starters. Cotter started from the bench and played well scoring 57FP in 57 minutes including a strong try off Townsend.

  • Drinky just can’t get it going. Will drop another $20k and could be below $500k in the coming weeks. Track his form.

  • Robson followed Grant’s poor Friday into a poor Saturday. Had 12 demerits including 4 penalties in a very unhappy game that broke his run of 70 one week, 40 the next streak. The combination of the halves is a bit of concern for the Cowboys, particularly Tom Dearden. Dearden’s try assists has dropped from average of 0.7 in 2022 to 0.1 in 2023. Townsend is actually up from 0.8 to 1, however his kicking game is no where near as effective. I actually don’t think the Cows are that far away, they just need to get to running and tackling harder than the opposition like they did last year. Key fundamentals are letting them down.

Black Book

  • None

Knights vs Panthers


  • The chin nearly got binned. Similar to Nicho Hynes was on a low 30’s score entering the last ten minutes. But he stepped up with two clutch field goals to score a 56FP. The Knights did a really good job on him, Miller targeted him with his footwork.

  • Yeo was immense in this one. 71FP in a performance full of work rate and ball playing. Stellar player.

  • Zac Hosking has turned out to be one of the buys of the year. Average of 64 and will be close to $700k on open. The news of Martin’s injury only further cements his role. One word of warning never take Foxsports writers as gospel they had him dropping out of the team if Garner and Martin were fit LOL they were both fit for the game. His right edge combo with Cleary is just too impressive, he will be there for the season if he is healthy.

  • If Mitch Kenny played like that every week he would be a BUY. Because of his lack of creativity, the little middle role suits him as he just rips in. Would be unlikely though to play 80 minutes when Fisher Harris returns. Was more because this week the team needed him to play those minutes.

  • Kurt Mann was in everything. Played majority at lock but also filled in for 10 minutes at hooker. Tackled his butt off and had great carries. Good price just Adam Elliott is apparently two weeks away.

  • Crossland was fantastic for his 49FP in 68 minutes. Scored a nice try chasing his own grubber which took a deflection. Will only get better at that position. Job security is always going to be sketchy, so probably only for coaches that have been conservative with trades.

  • Hastings a better game on the fantasy front with big kick metres and great base through his defence and running game. According to Corby who saw him out post game, he has a hamstring injury but he wants to take goal kicking back in round 8. Monitor post their round 10 bye.

  • Lachly Miller had a shocker with the boot probably a reason why Hastings wants the goal kicking back. Had some nice touches but from time to time you’ll get these scores. For starters Penrith is the best team in the comp and second he is still a rookie. HOLD

Black Book

  • Crossland

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Titans vs Broncos


  • David Fifita was a stand out in this one. 67FP and didn’t score a try. Was involved heavily with the halves actually for the first time getting him quick service. I’m not interested at the moment because of the bye schedule and he is well in the Origin mix. If it wasn’t for Staggs twice he would of scored a couple of tries. I think he is going to ton up shortly.

  • Haas continued his great form and is easily the best MID in fantasy. Probably the only Origin player I won’t sell out during the Origin period.

  • My man Mr Eyeliner. They kept him to 8FP in the first half then he exploded. Easily the most exciting player in the NRL at the moment. His first step and 10 metres of explosion would have to be the quickest in the NRL. He is so aroused on field he even kisses all his team mates after tries. BUY

  • Not sure what else I can do to convince you to SELL Carrigan. His last 3 games are scores of 35,48,42. He started the year well but at his price you need him scoring 55-60 to have him as a keeper. The issue is a lot of his talents are not scored in fantasy. They do not score leadership and middle ball playing. If I was a coach he is the first chosen but you can use that money spent better else where.

  • Brian Kelly is one of the most naturally gifted players in the NRL. If he could find consistency and cut out silly errors he would be in line for further honors. Had 50FP in base and 16 demerits.

  • Khan-Pereira is a great lesson not to given up on a rookie after 1 game. Is a try scoring machine and will continue to make some good cash. HOLD

  • Staggs is nearly on his last chance again. Probably needs earlier ball, in saying that needs to run better lines as was evident by Walshy given him a massive spray during the game. 21 FP and had 14 demerits. He has this missile defence which is good for contact but awful for the way fantasy is scored.

Black Book

  • None

Raiders vs Dragons


  • I really like the Dragons back row which is first class. De Belin (70FP), Su’a (56FP) and Bird (51 FP) are all elite players. Bird had 14 demerits but theres always something doing around him. Take out a round 5 HIA and Su’a has scores of 53,55,56 and is running the ball extremely well and his first contact would have him more in the mix for squad spot for Origin. If they intend to play De Belin 80 minutes well at that price he is a screaming BUY.

  • Sloan had some good touches for his 46FP, even though I’m a negative nelly seller, i’m not sure if I could cope with having him week after week.

  • The halves were pretty awful from both teams. Hunt’s last play to hit Kerr instead of going out the back or playing a kick was really poor. Wighton could only manage 25FP, Fogarty 39FP, Hunt 33FP and Amone 5FP in a very unhappy day for the halves.

  • Put a line through Lomax. Only 25FP and his goal kicking with that new tee has gone from the best to worst in the NRL. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that tee isn’t working.

  • Bin the Tapin. Tapine is a SELL. Could only manage 36FP in 50 minutes. A not too bad first stint as he actually looked to offload but pretty non existent in his second stint. Will drop $20K and really I would sell to someone more likely to get minutes like a Matterson or De Belin. #BINTHETAPIN

  • I wish i went to Timoko instead of Staggs. The boy goes looking for the ball and makes his tackles. Great consistency week to week. I do think he is a BUY after the bye.

  • Couchman not a great one for those who cashed down. At Least he had a negative break even but with the late changes only saw 19 minutes.

Black Book

  • None

Eels vs Bulldogs


  • Will Penisini was gun in this one particularly in the first half with a try and try assist. Was aided by the injuries to the Doggies outside backs.

  • Max King was awesome. He had to play 72 minutes and was a KING with 49 tackles and 153MG.

  • Mitch Moses with a nice 61FP without a TA. His quietly averaging 60 if your looking for a half for the Origin period.

  • I'm not telling you to buy TPJ but if you come to me and ask if you should buy TPJ well im not telling you not too. He had 6 off loads including 4 to hand and actually got through 48 minutes. Will be better for the run.

  • Shame on you if your sold Hopgood. Not a huge score of 46FP in 71 minutes which included 16 demerits but I just don't think his a sell till after round 16.

  • Dyl Bags continues to go on his try drought. Had good touches but that combo with Lane is just not where it was just yet. Monitor. Slow start to the season for Lane also with scores of 33 and 37 since his return.

  • Carty party is over as he was banished to the bench. Still got 51 minutes but I think you cut him now, you've made the $300k time to move on.

  • Kiraz with the MCL injury unfortuately loses around $60k. Straight swap for a Walsh or Teddy is a must.

  • RFM is an interesting watch. His 22 FP means he loses another $40k and will face another huge BE so could drop below $400K. Only had 44 minutes as he works into the season but keep an eye on him as we know his quality.

  • A lot of people fell into the trap of the late withdrawal of Hodgson. Hodgson reportedly had the flu.

  • No need to get Russell he doesn't accumulate enough points and don't freak on Alamoti, slow burn and second week in a row he had to cover injuries on the wing.

Black Book

  • RFM


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