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TK's trades round 14

Reimis Smith to Jesse Ramien

Being a holder of Reimis Smith since round one I’ve made a tidy $207k and had a decent player averaging 37 in the most volatile position in NRL fantasy. From round 8 to 11 we saw the best of Smith with scores of 82, 29, 46 and 48 however he has had a couple of poor weeks with scores of 37 and 26. Given his price rise and declining performance I think its time to pull the trigger and move on. His dual position is great but watching him closely he does rely on the likes of Jahrome Hughes and Nicho Hynes to create opportunities for him.

Jesse Ramien has had a turbulent year, having played only 6 of 12 games (3 weeks suspension and 3 weeks injuries) but also playing some of the best footy of his career. He currently averages 51 fantasy points and if you take out the injury game against the Panther (he lasted 27 mins) his average is 59 with impression averages of 158MG, 8.6 tackle breaks and 3 offloads. He has scored in only 2 of those 5 games. Ramien is only owned by 1.78% of fantasy coaches and with a breakeven of 25 and price of $570,000 I think this is the perfect round to upgrade Smith to Ramien. Having a look at the Sharks draw (you might think I’m biased) but they have been blessed with their remaining 12 games. The team sits 2 points out of the 8 and in the remaining 12 they play four of the top 8 teams (Penrith, Cowboys, Manly, Storm) and the timing could work in their favour playing Penrith two days after Origin one and the Storm in the final round of the season. I love what Ramien brings to the table and I’ll punt on him being the CTR POD for NRL fantasy.

Adam Doueihi to Corey Harawira-Naera

The love affair with Adam Doueihi is over. Since his move to the centres, Doueihi has averaged 45 which is well short of his 57 average when he was dominating the ball and general play kicking while playing Five-Eighth. It was a shame he was tagged a WFB from his 2020 season as I would have probably carried him forward had he been given a centre tag. With the Tigers unlocking Luke Brooks through the less dominant Moses Mbye, I don’t anticipate Doueihi moving back any time soon.

Corey Harawira-Naera I’ve had my eye on for 4 weeks but given injuries and suspensions I had greater priorities. Out of all the rd round bye edge players, Harawira-Naera easily presents the best value. His smashed the 3 date rule with scores of 57,60,87 and with a price of $560k and a BE of -1 it would nearly be the last opportunity to grab him at a tidy price. The only downside is Raiders are on a spiral and no player is safe from being dropped by Ricky Stuart. But overall I grab an edge averaging 54 and balances my team.


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