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Trending Trades - Round 19

Hello and welcome to Trending Trades for round 19. My name is Jake, and I’ll be taking you through some short and sharp analysis of the top 5 traded in players for this round.

Valynce Te Whare – 1.15% - $386k – BE -1

  • He has seemed to have somewhat secured the right centre position with Brenko Lee training in the reserves this week. But knowing Bennet, this could change at any point of time. VTW is still letting in a try or two down his edge, so there is definitely still risk of him being dropped at any point in time.

  • He’s probably going to be our last genuine cash cow for the year for those coaches who still have trades left. In the 4 games he’s started at centre he’s posted an average of 48 which does include 4 tries.

  • Base looks good as a centre with 26 points in tackles and run metres on average. Plus 5 tackle breaks per game as well.

  • He is a risky option for coaches holding Lemuelu as they’ll have both of these CTR’s on the bye in round 21. Make sure to have cover or an exit strategy if jumping on.

Nicho Hynes – 0.45% - $989k – BE 60

  • No surprises here, for coaches who don’t already have Nicho Hynes, he’s pretty much a must buy for this week. Given his 76 average and coming up against the Tigers, he will be by far the most popular captaincy option for the round.

  • On top of this, he has no byes left for the season and is probably the best captaincy option for the run home as well.

Will Penisini – 0.40% - $599 – BE 40

  • I think Penisini is a keeper in the centres, however there are a few things to consider with him. There’s a chance his attacking stats get limited this week in an understrength Eels side. Plus, he also has a bye in round 27, where a lot of popular players (Potentially from Penrith and Melbourne especially) will be rested for the finals.

  • Due to this, I wouldn’t be trading a green dot like Lemuelu to him for example. However, if you don’t have a 2nd keeper CTR, I don’t mind jumping on him this week if you are trading out a red dot (such as Turpin).

  • The better play may be jumping on a cash out such as Seb Kris or VTW, and saving the money for a gun without any byes left like Gagai ($640k - AVG 51) or Tago ($609k – AVG 46) next week.

Jake Averillo – 0.33% - $369k – BE 44

  • I think Averillo is probably the least favourable cash out for this week. I do see the appeal with him being shifted to fullback this week, however given his historical average of 30 in the position, and the fact the Dogs are going to struggle for the rest of the season, I can’t justify making the trade.

  • I would be looking at either Kris or VTW instead.

Tyrone Munro – 0.31% - $240 – BE 11

  • Munro looks to be your typical 1 round cash out. He’s probably going to get a good score this week assuming he scores a try or two against the Bulldogs. Plus, at $240k he provides the most cash out of the popular cash out options.

  • The only problem with Munro is that he is likely to be a red dot for the rest of the season with Campbell Graham due back in round 21, likely shifting Milne back to the wing.

  • If you have strong 18th to 20th men in your side, I don’t mind this trade at all. However, if you already have 1 or 2 genuine cash outs, I would probably avoid adding a 3rd to your side.

As for myself this round, I currently have 12 players before trades and need either a WFB or CTR to field 13. To do this I’ll be trading out Turpin who’s now peaked in and price and is on the bye. Unfortunately, I only have $20k in the bank so I don’t have the money to go up to a keeper such as Penisini, so at this stage as much as I don’t like it, I’ll be cashing him out to Seb Kris. The reason I am going Kris over VTW is that I don’t need another player for round 20 however I do need cover for Lemuelu in round 21, where the Dolphins have the bye. Other than that round, I’m hoping he can sit in my 20th or 21st spot for the rest of the season, and maybe a last resort option for round 27.

Well that wraps up trending trades for round 19. As always keep an eye out for all the other Talking League content for this round. Have a great weekend and enjoy the footy!

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