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Trending Trades - Round 22

Hello and welcome to Trending Trades for round 22. My name is Jake, and I’ll be taking you through some short and sharp analysis of the top 5 traded in players for this round.

Nathan Cleary – 2.40% - $940k – BE 106

  • Given Nicho Hynes tough run home, Nathan Cleary is shaping up to be one of, if not the best Captaincy option for the rest of the season. Both elite HLF’s average over 70 when playing the full 80 minutes and line up against each other this week.

  • There is never a bad time to trade in Nathan Cleary so I definitely won’t be talking anyone out of it, however make sure not to pull apart your team just to get him. For example, don’t cash out a 50+ player in your best 17, just to get the funds to upgrade someone else to Cleary.

  • The only other risk to consider with Cleary is Penrith’s history of resting players in the last round of the season. If you already have multiple Panthers such as Yeo, Tago, Edwards, or Sorensen, be prepared to cop some red dots in round 27.

Cameron Murray - 2.15% - $676k – BE 36

  • With Souths battling to make the top 8, Murray’s big minute performances and output looks set to continue after scoring 70 in 76 minutes last week.

  • He’s currently averaging 57 in 68 minutes this season when starting lock which makes him significantly under-valued. If his 70+ minute performances continue, expect that average to jump up to the low 60s.

  • Only risk to consider with Murray is his bye in round 26, so make sure you have MID cover for him, and also consider any Souths players you may have in your squad like Latrell Mitchell or Damien Cook.

Daly Cherry-Evans – 0.94% - $737k – BE 40

  • Daly looks to again be a great buy this week and still slightly undervalue. Especially for coaches who are holding Shaun Johnson and require the HLF cover.

  • With no byes left for the rest of the season, a 60-point average, and unlikely to be rested I think DCE is an absolute no brainer for a gun purchase this week for those that can’t afford Nathan Cleary.

Dan Russell – 0.85% - $265k – BE 2

  • DRuss looks to have retained the starting 2nd row spot for another week, however Jack bird is likely to regain the spot by the end of the season.

  • He’s still cheap for a cash out who has no byes left, so he’s not the worst option, however I don’t think I would be touching him given he could lose his spot on any given week, or even 24 hours before kickoff.

Soni Luke – 0.8% - $220k – BE 21

  • I think Soni Luke is an okay option for a cash out given he is at absolute minimum price, who is going to be a green dot for the rest of the season.

  • He is someone however that you should not be playing in your 17 at all, and hopefully can sit in your 21st man spot. The only round where I see him scoring more than 20 points would be in round 27 if a bunch of Panthers get a rest before the finals.

As for myself this round, I’m sitting with 6 trades left and $28k in the Bank. At this stage I’ll only be looking to make the one trade this week which is Tohu Harris to Tyson Frizell. Friz was an appealing option to me this week given his 57 average when playing the full 80. Additionally, he has no more byes left for the year which is important for my side with a weak 18th man in Brendan Hands. With Joey Lussick set to take some minutes off Hands, the less I have to play Hands in my 17 the better, which is why I won’t be targeting any players with byes left for the run home.

Well, that wraps up trending trades for round 22 and make sure to keep an eye out for all the other Talking League content for this round. I’ll be jumping on the live Q&A with Robbo and Rich Thursday night to answer any last-minute questions. As always, have a great weekend and enjoy the footy!

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