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Wacky Wednesday - Buy, Hold, Sell, Avoid (ROUND 4)

Join Andy, Kyle, Sean and Shooter as they host Wacky Wednesday - Buy, Hold, Sell, Avoid. On the show tonight they will be giving insight on their players to Buy, Hold, Sell & Avoid for the round, also playing the Over & Under game, Rapid Bounce and to finish up answer some Q&As, then at the end of the show we get into Best bets with Shooter and Snakey.

Talking League is partnering with Game Day Squad to create our own Official Fantasy League Competition commencing next week! ! To celebrate we are giving away $10K over the next 4 weeks thanks to GameDay Squad! Get ready and register now for FREE at or download the app.

Stay tuned into our socials and podcasts this week for further updates on joining the official ‘Talking League Fantasy Footy Competition!’ We will be giving away $2500 each week for Next four weeks starting this week so keep up to date on our socials and podcasts for the official invite code to join our fantasy league and WIN!

The comp code is NRL0(zero)HRKT and this is in the episode notes and all over social media. Just hit us up on the inboxes if you need it also.

There is two comps which is capped and open. The weekly $2500 for the next 4 weeks is split $1500 for capped (salary cap) and $1000 for open. REGISTER NOW for FREE at or simply download the app to get started

Talking League Cup is open now so come join our public NRL Fantasy comp. League PIN - ALYZ6DCV


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