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Tristan K’Nell – Tristan or TK for short is the head honcho at Talking League. The boys refer to him as the Preston Campbell of the group; as he’s not that tall but works incredibly hard to get the job done and entertains everyone along the way. The Talking League colours match those of the Sharks and TK wouldn’t have it any other way.


Andrew Burden - Andy is one of the three original Talking League Members. Listeners love hearing Andy talk up his draft players, as he doesn’t do it to build up their trade value, he just loves them that much. Andy is a long-suffering Parramatta fan and would love nothing more than the Eels taking out the big prize in 2023.


Josh Corby – Corbs is also part of the original Talking League Trio. When he’s not salivating over the fantasy scoring prospects of Stefano Utoikamanu, Corby is pulling his hair out watching his Dragons turn out another inconsistent performance. The team are wary about playing draft against him, as he has a reputation for snaking players from the Free Agent pool.


Kyle Lomas - Kyle was the first signing that joined the original Talking League trio. When he’s not retweeting three-day-old articles on Twitter like they’re fresh out the water, Kyle usually walks around with various Storm and Warriors merch on.


Tim Ballantine - Most of the community refer to Ballantine as “Shooter”, because he’s trigger happy when it comes to his trades. We reckon the recently introduced withheld trades rule is thanks to Santa’s last visit. Santa said it was easier to ensure Shooter has trades left in round 21 than guarantee his Warriors winning a premiership.

Patrick Warren - Pat has received the nickname “Postman Pat” because the team have no ounce of creativity. When he’s not talking up every Knights player, Pat is making friends on the pod by mispronouncing the names of listeners.


Jason Robson - Jason has been dubbed the “Professor” due to his insistence on watching each game with a laptop open to check live fantasy scores. Jason has been playing NRL Fantasy for as long as he can remember. He tends to not pick players from his beloved Bunnies in a hope to “reverse jinx” them into winning matches.


Jake Olive - Jake has a striking resemblance to Mitchell Moses and the team don’t half remind him about it. Given the Eels ended his Cowboys’ season last year, Jake’s new year resolution could well be a new nickname that isn’t related to the Eels halfback.


Rich AKA JWarrior - Rich is our resident boomer who loves to remind us of better days that have been including when he lead the competition. Like his Warriors, his best days are history. We keep him around so he doesn't get lost, which is a real concern given he can’t remember his own name.


Riley Connor - Riley might be the youngest member of Talking League, but don’t mistake that for a lack of Fantasy knowledge and expertise. Rumour has it Riley has become an expert fantasy bargain hunter due to raiding the infamous middle aisle at ALDI. Whilst that isn’t confirmed, his undying love for the Cowboys sure is.

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