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Around the Traps - Your weekly wrap up of relevant NRL Fantasy News

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

G'day guys welcome to "Around the Traps". To round out the week we will drop a short sharp podcast with all the relevant fantasy news I think you need to know about heading into round 1.

Players and coaches we cover in the podcast:

  • James Tedesco

  • Jayden Brailey

  • Ryan Papenhuyzen

  • Adam Doueihi

  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner

  • Coen Hess and Mitch Dunn

  • Craig Fitzgibbon and Connor Tracey

  • Trent Barrett, Matt Burton and Chris Patolo

  • Jason Demtriou and Lachlan Illias

  • Anthony Griffin, Junior Amone, Jayden Sullivan, Tyrell Sloane

  • Harry Grant and Josh King

  • Euan Aitken

  • Jesse Bromwich, Mark Nicholls

  • Mitch Kenny

Check out last weeks team previews with the Sharks, Knights and Warriors. This week we will drop the Storm, Panthers and Cowboys.

Talking League Cup is open now with the league pin DVRFR5TJ jump in an have some fun with the crew.

Find all our podcast episodes at


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