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Falling Gun - Round 20 NRL Fantasy

Welcome back to Falling Gun with a twist. After receiving an additional 4 trades, coaches must strategically plan how they will attack the run home and maximise their team’s point scoring. For fantasy coaches, this article will focus on four ways to use your final four trades.

Option 1 - Safety is our Number One Priority

Come round 25, the Panthers will have sown up the minor premiership and players from teams who have secured a finals’ spot will be rested. For fantasy coaches without trades, squad depth and a lesser team value, this may mean you are not able to field seventeen green dots or have a number of poor performing cash outs playing. Over the next six weeks, coaches can choose to only use a trade if they have two injuries to their playing squad, as their 18th man should provide sufficient cover for a one or two week injury. This approach allows coaches to field a strong team for the remaining six rounds. It does not maximise your team’s point scoring though, as you may have two or three trades available come Round 25 if your squad’s guns have avoided injury.

Option 2 - Look at Luxury Upgrades

Hopefully still with money in the bank, coaches can this week look to upgrade two second tier guns to premium options. For example, Reed Mahoney, Tyson Frizell, Dylan Brown and Jahrome Hughes can be upgraded to players who will average ten more points per game. Trade in targets for this week should include Haas, Butcher, Cook, Grant, DCE, Murray, D. Fifita and Reynolds. For overall coaches, gambling on making these trades this week helps their team accumulate an additional 120 points for the season. Alternatively, you are only left with two trades for the remaining five rounds to cover injuries and suspensions.

Option 3 - Cash Out Downgrade

In building your strongest 17, coaches have all picked up cash out options such as Booth, S. Fifita and Kennedy that seem to have job security and the ability to make cash over the coming weeks. Although cash cows are less relevant at this time of year, coaches can hold their four trades until this cash out/cow option is close to peaking in price. This player can then be traded out, with the banked 100k - 200k then used to make three luxury trades. For coaches, this strategy helps strengthen your best 17. Your team’s overall scoring is negatively impacted by this strategy, as all current cash out/cow options still have more money to make.

Option 4 - Gunslinger

When Andy talks himself out of gunslinging, it is a sign that fantasy coaches should not be using all four remaining trades this week. To pull off this move off, coaches will need to trade in a cash out and three premium guns. This allows coaches to maximise their team’s point scoring through trading out red dots and second tier guns. The issue is that you have no trades remaining to cover injuries and suspensions for the final six rounds. I would only consider this strategy if you have accumulated nineteen guns in your 21-man squad.

My Trade Strategy Ranking

  1. Look at Luxury Upgrades

  2. Cash Out Downgrade

  3. Safety is our Number One Priority

  4. Gunslinger

That’s a wrap for Falling Gun in Round 20. Be sure to check out Talking League’s weekly podcasts as well as other published articles. Remember, strategy and planning for utilising your remaining trades is key to maintaining and improving your overall ranking.

Be sure to check out TK, Andy and Jake on the round 20 teams podcast.


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