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Fast Five with Jake Olive - Round 19

Welcome to Fast 5, an article where I give a quick summary on 5 interesting trade in options for the round. This will include the top 4 most popular trade ins as of Wednesday, plus my POD of the week for those looking to stray away from the pack.

Latrell Mitchell $620k (BE 6) Average: 48.3 Ownership: 14.3% (+4.28%)

I think I may as well copy and paste this section of the article since Latrell has become a permanent part of the popular trade ins list. Latrell hit his highest score of the season last week with 98 points which included a bunch of attacking stats against the Dogs. This score has now pushed his non-injury average for the season up to 54.5, which sees him join that elite tier of WFB. He is still undervalued at his current price, so if you don’t already have him, he is still a great buy this week. I assume the most popular trade of the week will be Pap to Trel.

Final Decision: YES

Adam Doueihi $522k (BE 28) Average: 35.8 Ownership: 3.5% (+2.75%)

Noddy has blessed us fantasy coaches with another WFB option for the run home who seems to be very undervalued at the moment. Doueihi returned to the halves with a huge score of 83 on the weekend against pretty much a reserve grade Panthers side. The good sign was that his score consisted of 40 points in base stats (tackles, run metres, kick metres), which gives him a solid floor. Looking back at his career at five-eighth he averages a massive 62.8 points from a 15-game sample size. Every stat in the book seems to give Doueihi the tick of approval, however there is always a slight chance he gets moved to a different position given he plays for the Tigers.

Final Decision: YES

Aaron Booth $269k (BE -2) Average: 47 Ownership: 2.1% (+1.25%)

Aaron impressed on Titans debut scoring 47 in 60 minutes which was made up of mostly tackles (42). It will be interesting to see how many minutes he gets this week with Erin Clark shifting back to the bench and Tino moving back to the starting team. Regardless of the minutes he plays, at his price he still is a great cash out option that gives you some depth in the HOK position. I think the perfect spot for him is either 18th or 19th man, and probably not someone I would want in my 17 every single week.

Final Decision: YES

Sosefo Fifita $255k (BE -5) Average: 50 Ownership: 6.7% (+0.97%)

The younger Fifita looked great on debut, running for over 200m with a bunch of tackle breaks included. Similar to Booth, he is a great cash out option who will sit somewhere from 18th to 21st man in your squad and provide you with depth in the WFB position. One thing to note is that in reserve grade he does only average 33.5, so I wouldn’t be expecting a 50-point score from him every week.

Final Decision: YES

Jake’s POD/s of the week

David Fifita $645k (BE 49) Average: 50 Ownership: Top 100 – 0.00%, Top 1000 – 0.00%, Top 5000 – 0.02%

David Fifita was someone who I was really keen on last week, however this week he has officially bottomed out in price and seems to have returned to his 80-minute edge role. The Titans bench this week consists of two props, one hooker, and one fullback, which almost confirms that he is playing 80 minutes again. Kevin Proctor is still lurking in the reserves but it seems like he is on outer at the club, so I don’t think he is too much of a risk to Fifita’s minutes. If that isn’t enough to sway you into picking Fifita up, I’ve dug up his average points and minutes in previous seasons when starting at 2nd row:

2022: Average 58 (77 mins) 2021: Average 67 (72 mins) 2020: Average 54 (74 mins) 2019: Average 57 (75 mins)

As a scorer, he is as reliable as it comes when he has that starting edge position, and I believe the Titans need him starting for them to be competitive in games.

As always, big shout out to, which is where I do all my statistical research. Good luck to everyone for the week ahead! If you haven’t yet check out the round 19 TLT podcast with TK, Andy, Corby and Pat. Also be sure to send your questions in on our live Facebook Q&A at 6:15pm Thursday with TK, JWarrior, Riley and myself.


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