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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Buy with caution Jacob Liddle

Jacob Liddle enters the 2021 like many Tigers as a much sought after cheapie. He opens at $304k after four injury plagued seasons since he made his debut all the way back in 2021.

With a career PPM of 0.75, assuming that Maguire also carries Jake Simpkin on the bench, projecting off 50 mins would see him with an average of 38.

The major red flags against Liddle is that in four seasons he has never completed a full season and has never played 80 minutes in a match.

2017 - 13 games, 2018 - 13 games, 2019 - 11 games, 2020 - 6 games. In one positive sign he did play 6 consecutive games in 2020 from round 14 to 19 before sitting out the final game.

He is looking over his shoulder from some stiff competition from Simpkin and the returning Billy Walters. Walters in our interview indicated he was progressing very well from injury and could be back around round 6. Billy has only played 2 games in his whole NRL career at hooker and played 80 minutes twice with scores of 50 and 33. The 33 did also have 14 demerits from 7 missed tackles.

So given his track record of injury and also competition please proceed with caution. Do not stack your team and place him at starting hooker thinking you will get away with him becoming a superstar pick up. If you have him on your classic bench as your 16th or 17th best player you’re doing well. If he's on your emergencies, well you’re likely doing even better to be able to fit some better players before him.

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