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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Buy Jordan Pereira

Jordan Pereira is someone that is slipping right under the radar with an ownership of 0.2%. He opens at a price of $462k and a BE of 34.

Pereira’s base stats are very solid with a 2020 average of 167 metres run and 5 tackle breaks per game. He only scored 1 try outside of Euan Aitken on the left edge while on the right edge while on the Right Ravalawa scored 12 tries. In Pereira’s favour is he is likely to be paired with Jack Bird who is a noted passer to his wingers so he should be able to build on his already impressive base stats.

So if you’re looking for a mid-ranger with plenty of upside, I feel Pereira is your name. Granted he may be in a struggling team. However a bit of a more balance in offence, a better centre partner, Pereira has all the ingredients of a potential pod with that ownership of 0.2% reflecting that no one is an owner.

Don’t tell your friends.

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