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NRL Fantasy round 17 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This we look at players that will be relevant for this weeks round.

The Good- Joe Ofahengaue

With a ceiling high 84 and playing this week, it is time to get very excited, however he has never really been fantasy relevant so it can be confronting and confusing seeing these scores. Think about it this way, remember that girl at school that had a cute face but was severely overweight now you bump into her at the beach in a bikini and she is a 10 and asks you out for coffee. What do you do? You must be thinking how did this happen? Could it happen again(the weight)? So how has Joe O dropped the weight and now on the brink of taking us on a fantasy date but this late in the season it could be marriage. Consistency is the key, he was given the roll of Lock at the start of the season he has played every game, this has given him the confidence to play some ball and has produced offloads and tackle busts. His minutes are up and with Twal going down Joe O has picked up extra minutes. Lets be clear he is not going to score 84 every week but will he average 55 for the run home? I believe yes, so that means he will score 550 points so if you need to upgrade a Mid there is no better option this week for the reasonable price of 731k

The Bad - Jacob Kiraz

It’s hard breaking up with our childhood sweetheart, however a 25 and now having a week off means at 492k it will be time to find a more adult relationship and is that Pappy winking at me? At just over 260k Kiraz should prove to be a great stepping stone. The reality is that there are some real guns that will fill the slots in WFB and even though Kiraz may end the season averaging low 40’s our other options of Pappy,Teddy and Hynes are our premium options. So sadly its time to go. You may argue well I could use him as a reserve, possibly but at almost 500k you could trade him for a player that will score up to 220 points more than him. As an example he will score 378 point till seasons end if you traded to a Frizell he would score 500 points and it costs you 140k.

The Ugly - Reed Mahoney

You may be thinking with him playing the bye week he could be a pick up this week. He is coming off scores of 45,42,48,53 in his last 4 weeks which on the surface isn’t too bad. However in all 4 weeks he has made more tackles than scored points, so do you see the issue? Too many demerits! Not enough run metres which means no options to get tackle busts or offloads. The reality is that if you want to finish strong you will need Cook and Grant so a surplus hooker won’t be required. He is a bit like that girl who is tidy but by no means a 10. Not only that she only wants to stay home and watch home renovation programs. So can I suggest that rather than get in a relationship we would be better to wait for our perfect 10 to come along. Just remember when making trades remember to think. Is this making my team stronger at the end of the season? None of us want to wake up and want to do the run of shame. So remember trade sober and score well. Be sure to catch TK, Andy and Corby on the podcast this week as they go through all burning questions ahead of round 17.


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