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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Round 15

Good - Joseph Tapine

Killing a 94 obviously he is obviously good, but why should we look at buying him? Well he is like that girl who is reasonably tidy but all of a sudden she is starting to look hot. But why? has she had botox? plumped lips? boob job? Lets see what he has done at Ricky's Beauty Salon, he has increased minutes by about 10 minutes in his last 4 games. Which has given him a 4 round average of 70. With over 50 of those in base stats and the ability to offload and get more than his fair share of tackle busts. Looking like pricing at around the 750k mark it may be now or never to make the move. With him missing Round 17 it means he has 10 games left and if he was to average 60 that's a 600 points when we compare that with to the number 2 ranked Mid Cam Murray, he should play 9 games for a total of 576 (off averages) yet he would cost another 120k. Or Klemmer 11 games for 638 assuming he can keep average of 58 which I don't think he can. The new look Tapine also has a very high ceiling, of course any player from the Raiders comes with an asterix.

Bad - Jackson Hastings

With a pathetic 29 the writing is on the wall. With the lure of Round 17 it may be too late if you didn't take TK's bold play last week of selling. The play of holding will cost about 50k and another 50k next week, so if you want any decent cash to upgrade this could be your last week. We could liken him to that girl who is a good sort but sadly broke her ankle at netball and has been comfort eating for 3 months on the couch. She still has a good personality but it might not have a long term prospects and it may be best to be friends. So if you don't break up this week, I suggest that you may have to remain friends with Hastings and he could be a 18th man and you can justify this by saying you bought him cheap. In saying this his next 2 games are against the Bulldogs and the Warriors.

Ugly - Payne Haas

What's worse than a shoulder injury? Two shoulder injuries. Owning Haas is a bit like having a Hot girlfriend who has nagged you about going out with the boys and then said she had a headache all week. Then when you think there might be a glimmer of hope she then starts complaining about the lack of chores you are doing. You have to decide is it worth all the stress or do you start looking for a new girlfriend. In his last 5 games he has not reached his average of 58.5 and even if played in his remaining 9 games due to Origin commitments he would only bag you 526. So with his price set to drop to 735k it may pay to trade. For 1 trade and 15k its worth 74 points to Tapine or 1 Trade and 60k it could be worth 112 points going to Klemmer. Or do you trust the beautiful man and hold the trade trust he will come right? That is why its ugly? Catch TK, Kyle and Corby on the latest round 14 teams podcast from Tuesday.


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