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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Buy Stephen Crichton

Stephen Crichton is priced at $492 000, has a BE of 37 which was his average for the 2020 season. He is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NRL and he sits 9th in the CTR position when comparing the averages for last year.

He did score 15 tries in the regular season which has a lot of the haters saying he will not be able to maintain this for the 2021 season, however with the left edge the panthers possess you have to think that this is still very achievable.

Crichton has interested me as I see further improvement in his base stats after a full season in the centre position. The trend of rookies improving defence and limiting errors is the first area he can pick up some extra fantasy points. Limiting errors to 1/game instead of 1.5, as well as reducing his missed tackles to 1 from 1.8 could increase his average per game by +3.4 points. I think with a year of physically development under his belt it could also have him achieving an extra tackle break a game with his style of play (going from 2.5 to 3.5 = +3 points).

If Crichton can improve in these areas and see an increase of the predicted +6.4 points then all of a sudden, he is cracking the 40 in what is the toughest scoring position in the fantasy team and has him at 43.4 points per game.

I am not looking at him as a money maker, I am more looking at Crichton as a player I think can move up the ranks in CTR position and consistently hit around the 40 mark this season to keep your overall score ticking over.

There is probably only room for one gun centre in your team to start and with panthers playing the 4 bottom teams of 2020 in the first 6 weeks if you don’t jump on early you may have to fork out some extra money to get him in your team later in the year.

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