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The Playbook - TK's notes from NRL Fantasy round 16

What an absolute disaster of a round. I think that was my lowest score ever

The weather in Sydney is next level terrible and adding to players coming back really off from Origin 2, it looked like one of those outlier weeks where guys like Edrik Lee and Siosiua Taukeiaho looked like immortals. Don’t panic these weeks, just play the bounce back song all week and things can happen. Trades on my mind for round 17.

TPJ to Ramien, Kiraz to Cheese and maybe King to Frizell. Would leave me 4 trades post this.


  • DCE with another solid 68. He is really in my mind for a post origin upgrade from Moses.

  • Koula, why did I put him in spot 20. With a Last 4 av of 44, the kid is finding his feet so do not sell him as his dual is too valuable.

  • Hopefully Garrick isn’t too bad and the bye does him favors. Should class with his two try assists but was restricted with no goal kicking and low run metres due to put looked like a hip injury.


  • The Cheese ticked a lot of boxes. Arguably his best game of the season and was the only Storm player with any energy. Played big minutes at lock (61 mins) and looked great in defence and running the ball. At around $400k and with the dual mid/hooker i’m going to lock him up in the emergency. I think he has bottomed and will have a good end to season.

  • Papenhuyzen looked tentative and rusty, pretty similar to last season when he came back. His score was saved by two late tries, but I need to see more than that to pay $750k + for him. We know his quality though so is always on the watchlist.

  • Harry Grant just looked tired from Origin. Miss Tackles, penalties and drop balls effecting his score. Really his 44 he was lucky to get. For non owners the great thing is his falling price. Will be around $720k opening plus a BE in the 70’s for round 18. I will purchase him i feel in round 19 around $700k which is a steal.


  • Who else pooped themselves when Barnett went to the HIA just before halftime. Resurrected himself better than Jesus to knock out a 39 which is the exact same score as Frizell. Only Difference is Barnett was $78k cheaper and made a couple of bucks while Friz lost $30k. I might even get Friz as well. It was an interesting tactical game as the two edges were decoys all night. The poor defence of the Titans outside backs just made it easy for long balls to the wingers.

  • Big Eddie Lee with a vintage performance. Make him an immortal not even Joey Johns could score 5 tries in a Knights jersey in a single game. Unfortunately a lot of people parked him as the last emergency.

  • Gagai with a return to form. Might dip below $400k so could be handy cash out if you want quality in your emergency.

  • News that Brailey is back next week would mean that the final few who hold Randall will finally have to consider a sell. If Brailz comes back via the bench you could nearly do it round 18.


  • The only thing I'm only even slightly interested in here is David Fifita. Came on around 30 mins and finally they put him on the left edge where he dominated last year. Finished with a 39 in 55 mins and with 79BE will lose around $40k. With rumors of Holbrooks punting could see Fifita return to thee starting lineup and for a mid $600’s price I think if you have 5-6 trades plus the additional, this guy would be worth a look as we know what he can do at his best. Has had enough drama with injury and given contract talks coming up, this might spark a new narrative. He hasn’t played 80 minutes since round 7, so I’d need to see this first before I make an investment.


  • Api is an interesting one at $671k. Post origin and below $700k for a big minute hooker might not be a bad option. Only 4% owned by the top 5000 could be nice alternative to Grant or Cook.

  • Tago responded with a 60. Had been struggling for 5 weeks and leaking cash, no regrets I couldn’t hold a $500k emergency so move on.

  • Cleary only 56 and like all the Origin guys I think the Sunday night game really took them out of them with the game, travel, recovery, jet lag. A lot to consider on this one.

  • To’o scored a 43 and he was on most of these after 20 minutes. Added around $20k so still well within range for post Origin.


  • Huge game for Taukeiaho owners with an 85 from 68 mins. Would be sell as soon as JWH and Lodge enter the 17.

  • Joey Manu in a spine position is fire. I wish they would just give us a proper timeline on Keary, if they said Season i’d buy Joey tomorrow.

  • Angus with a mediocre 37 which was spoiled by a really poor sin bin. While I appreciate the refs being friends with a few of them, Sutton double dipped. If you play advantage the sin bin is gone, you could argue it wasn’t a professional foul anyway.


  • I’m really considering Jesse Ramien. He hit a 50 in that weather in just pure base. At $550k, I think that price entry is a perfect one. Sifa was also really good but his likely in Origin or thats a pass given he misses a game.

  • McInnes for saved by upgrades to a 49. Only played 41 mins. If you have him hold but i’d be looking at who to sell to come round 18 or 19. If you have don’t have Harry Grant or Payne Haas this could be your target.

  • I spoke about Will Kennedy at length and he is the best cashout under $300k be a long way. Make him your 21st roster man and keep him there. He’s hitting form and given the job security is a no brainer.


  • It was already in my thoughts to sell TPJ and he put me out of my misery. Just so unfit and no chance of playing 80 mins, all these little niggles and dramatic injuries just seem to follow him. He is a sell.

  • Max King played an unusual 48 mins. Mick Potter didn’t coach because he had covid, but it might be time to offload him as he has done his job for us making close to $400k now lets upgrade for the run home.

  • RFM should be the big beneficiary of the TPJ injury. Another solid showing for a 40 in 62 mins and would of been much bigger if he didn’t drop a sitter over the try line. Just store in the emergency for a rainy day.

  • Kiraz didn’t see much ball at all for his 25. Will open at $490k and is massive sell given you can pick up a Latrel Mitchell or Jesse Ramien for around $60k more.


  • Drinkwater keeps racking up these 50’s. For a dual $600k player I don’t understand why we didn’t get him.

  • Lolo’s first half was his best half in years. 48 points doesn’t show how dominate he was over both Haas and Carrigan who are two elite mids.

  • Robson is a gun, if you have him you’re laughing. Never sell him.

  • Nanai’s try saving him. If you have him still now is the time to sell. Straight swap into a Frizell or Barnett.

  • Luciano looked good in his first outing. If he gets in the 400’s and gets a starting jersey, will be a nice cashdown.


  • Haas with a throw back to the 90’s with his big arse shoulder pads. Looked good for his 56 and lost another $10k making him a nice buy if he comes out of Origin ok. More a round 19 play.

  • Reynolds looked out of sorts. Given his injury history the $800k is way too pricey.

  • Mamm with a 31 as he continues his prices rises. Still has a few more weeks to consider selling him given his BE. Does make some really silly mistakes at times and you have to remember he’s a rookie.

  • Carrigan carried the trend of these Origin guys looking tired. I do rate him highly though.


  • Cookie continued his run. I just don’t have the cap room to pay $900k. My regret of the season when I changed my team 30 mins before rd 1 lock out for Cheese instead of him.

  • Cam Murray was ultra impressive. I think you need to find room for the run home for him.

  • Keaon Koloamatangi continues to impress and could be cheeky pod option if you want some Rabbits. Will be around $650k on open but I won’t steer you away from him.

  • Latrell Mitchell was a slow started but his back end 20 minutes in that weather was superb. Ruled himself out of Origin and looks really happy. I have strong interest in picking him up. Losts $30k so will open around $560k and will have another huge BE. Given the weather in NSW this coming week I might give it another week. But because of price i’m more interested in him than Lil Papi.


  • These blokes really want me to delete app. Were a disgrace. Whats up with them also losing at Accor/ Stadium Australia. No wonder they can't win a comp.

  • Ipap was way off the pace but you’re going to buy him in the high 700’s which is so attractive so BUY him.

  • Hold Reed as he was solid and continues his mid 40’s run.

  • Dylan Brown loses another $20k but I wouldn’t be rushing to get either him or Moses. If you own then hold and look to upgrade post Origin to Munster or DCE.

  • Track the Matterson injury as if it is long term the next cash down could be Ky Rodwell. Played 25 mins for his 28 points but got stuck in unlike the rest of his big shot mates. He’s at $220k.


  • Aitken with 11,293 sells despite the news of him moving back to the edge coming on Thursday. Don’t sell him unless he goes back to the centres.

  • Tohu back to his best and is a massive hold.

  • I miss Walshy :( I blame my whole poor round on his absence.

  • Volkman with an impressive 39 to continue to make some nice cash for owners who got in at the bottom. Another great candidate for a cash out in round 18.


  • Joe O making every one look silly with a 87. Everyone wants him but no one is willing to make the trade. Just back your gut.

  • Put a line through Stefano. Played 22 mins with Tamou out. Coach must hate him.

  • Brown was great at 9 while he was on the field. Only played 47 mins. The issue is job security and Kimmorley experimenting with things. At what point is Doueihi made the 6 and Brooks moved permanently to 9.


  • Jack Bird should be in your mind if you have the cash for an 18th man. Season high 60 and looked the goods throughout.

  • Given the Dragons ladder position, Ben Hunt at $631k is at a good price and worth a consideration for post origin.

  • Stay away from De Belin and Lomax.


  • I hate sticky. It is now obvious he plays fantasy and plays against his mates, hence why he drops his most fantasy relevant player to the bench. Elliott responded by proving his their most relevant fantasy player. Will top $700k, keep holding for now.

  • Tapine is god. Don’t chase if you don’t know but if you do gloat hard to your mates.

Catch me on the latest podcast, as Shooter, Jake and I break down round 16. Listen below.


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