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TK's PlayBook - Round 10

Welcome back to TK’s playbook where I break down the winners, losers and black bookers from each game. The PlayBook article is Brought to you by - GameDay Squad. Create, Coach, Compete in Fantasy Footy. Be the coach & WIN. Download the app and play now.

Riley – Round 10 Score: 912, Rank: 15630 up from 16849

Sean – Round 10 Score: 996, Rank: 723 up from 1458

Main Takeaways

  • The Chin is an elite captaincy option. Averaging 68 fantasy points per game before this weekend is still elite and proves why upgrading Cleary to Hynes was potentially a luxury trade. This week it cost you 54 points if you captained Hynes.

  • Your team value should be 12.5 mil or greater after round 10 lockout is lifted. Ideally this would be up around 13 mil come round 13. Looking at the rankings, most of the top teams currently have a value of around the 13 million mark.

  • Bye planning really needs to be a focus now. I. Katoa potentially saved himself from being a trade this week and may be a great HLF option come round 13 to partner SJ, Dyl Bags or Moses.

Trades on my Mind

Riley: With 18 trades remaining, I will be looking to hold this week. No major injuries or suspensions to manage and my cashies are still making money. Players such as RFM and Tatola who were on my shopping list didn’t show enough this weekend to warrant being picked up.

Sean: I have done a lot of early work to get my team ready for Round 13 and am content holding trades until then unless something catastrophic happens. It has also given me a chance to second date a lot of mid-range guys.


  • Jubro – calf injury.

  • Capewell – failed HIA.

  • Edward Kosi – failed a HIA and also suffered a dislocated knee cap.

  • Jackson Ford – didn’t return to the field after being sin binned. Webster reported after the game that Ford had symptoms around something to do with his head but he was fine in the sheds post game.

  • Jesse Bromwich and Brenko Lee – hamstring injury.

  • Euan Aikten – hamstring injury.

  • John Bateman – hamstring injury.

  • Brandon Smith – discomforted with a shoulder injury late in their game.

  • Egan Butcher – failed HIA.

  • Mitch Moses – cat 1 HIA.

Player Charges

  • Fines – Waddell, Ford and Niukore.

Bulldogs vs Raiders Observations

  • Jacob Preston was highly discussed as a trade out this week but scored 60 FP for those that decided to hold. Those that sold him shouldn't be too frustrated, as that 60 came with 2 tries. He is now probably a HOLD until Round 12, as he will have some small price rises over the next few weeks.

  • A HIA in the second half hurt Tevita Pangai Jnr’s score, finishing with 40 FP in 44 minutes. He had 33 FP after his first spell and was back to his offloading best. If he can clean up his demerits, he may be a solid option come Round 14.

  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner proved to be a trap after 59 FP last week, crashing back down to earth with 35FP. He still played 50 minutes but didn't have the attacking output compared to the week prior. Coaches that picked him up will see another price rise but his outlier score.

  • Karl Oloapu played off the bench again and scored 23 FP. He was more dominant in attack this week. For coaches looking to cash down, he isn't a terrible option but may not make cash quickly.

  • Matt Timoko top scored in this one with 64 FP. He was everywhere in attack with a T, 2 TA and 2 LBA and 200 MG. With an average 47.2, he is a great option over the origin period if you can't afford Manu or Bird.

  • Hudson Young had another strong performance with 57 FP, though it did come with a T. If you didn’t pick up Young when he bottomed out a few weeks back you, he is an AVOID at this point due to being near fully priced and in Origin calculations.

  • Corey Horsburgh rewarded coaches who brought him in with 56 FP. He was everywhere in the middle for the Raiders, with 30 TCKs, 180 MG and 4 TBs. He put the offload away in this game but showed good ball playing skills. He is still a BUY but would be in Origin calculations. Ricky Roulette did strike again though, as he was pulled after 60 minutes when playing 70 minutes the three weeks prior to round 10.

  • Those that didn't #BinTheTapine were rewarded with 53 FP in 53 minutes, nearly all in base stats. He seems to have lost his offload licence and is an AVOID at this point. Nearly round 13 though, he is a HOLD for owners.

  • Xavier Savage was underwhelming on the wing, scoring a T and only 19 FP. On the wing, he does not generate enough base stats. He will start to lose cash at this point and should be considered an AVOID until starting at fullback.

Sea Eagles vs Broncos Observations

  • Haumole Olakau’atu was strong again on Manly’s right edge. A combination of attacking stats and base stats allowed him to register 60 FP. His form may see him into a sky blue jersey and is an AVOID at this point regardless, unless you don't already have 3 Eels, Knights or Manly players.

  • Taniela Paseka had another strong game in the middle with 48 FP. This was made up of 26 TCKs, 121 MG, 4 TB and 2 OFL. Priced at 579k before round 10 and scores of 48, 58, and 48, he is a decent MID option to consider while Jurbo is sidelined.

  • Tom Trbojevic finished on 33 FP. Offensively, he had a lack of space due to Manly being dominated in attack. Coaches that own him would be happy he is getting through games unscathed, but as we near origin he is an urgent SELL.

  • Selwyn Cobbo had a dominant game in this one, but is very much a rocks and diamond player. Nearing origin he is an AVOID, but coming out of that period may be a buy especially if the Broncos continue to attack so well.

  • Patty Carrigan and Payne Haas were both dominant in the middle in the first half, both recording 33 FP in the first half but finishing on 52 FP and 50 FP respectively. With the Broncos being comfortably ahead in the second half, both players were managed and had limited outputs accordingly. No need to stress over either player, as they are HOLDS until round 13.

Warriors vs Panthers Observations

  • Cleary owners who chinned this weekend made up some valuable ground on those who captained Nicho Hynes. Back goal kicking again and he did not register a T, TA or LB in his score of 92. 31 TCKs, 156 RMs and 690KMs gives him a huge base of 69 FP. My only concern is a lack of flow in the Panther’s attack at the moment. Cleary will be a top 2 HLF that coaches should consider holding through the Origin period.

  • After a few lean weeks, Edwards bounced back with 73 FP. With changes to the Panther’s attacking style, Edwards is finding his hands on the ball a lot more. Playing in a strong Panther’s team helps the accumulation of 39 points this week through Ts, TAs, LBs, LBAs and TBs be somewhat repeatable every week. With upcoming games against the Roosters and Broncos and a bye in round 13, consider BUYING in round 14 as a top tier keeper WFB option.

  • SJ continues to dominate, registering 67 FP. Back running the footy and registering 841 KMs in this game. With the Warriors only scoring one T, SJ only registered 2 LBs and 3 TBs in this game. SJ will be a great option through the Origin period and may even be a captaincy option.

  • Hosking received a breather again this week but still racked by 65 FP. With Garner now fit, he looks to have secured that right EDG spot. The only issue is the minutes that Salmon takes off both EDGs each week. Consider holding him right through the Origin period, potentially becoming an EDG keeper or bench player in your final 17 come seasons end.

  • Tohu Harris is interesting. Back to 80 minutes this week, registering 64 FP. This comprised of 48 TCKs and 155 RMs just in base. The concern isn’t his output, it’s the durability. He will open up close to $660K and with another higher BE in round 11 before a round 12 bye, Harris could be a cut price pick up come round 13 with a favourable bye schedule.

  • Lenui is someone we need to track moving into the Origin period. Although his score of 56 FP in 44 minutes included a T and LB, Lenui is regularly playing close to 40 minutes each week and historically has a 1 PPM. Priced at 30 fantasy points, he may be an option to consider over the Origin period, particularly with Yeo away on rep duties.

  • Fingers crossed you didn’t take a punt on Fisher-Harris this week, registering 43 FP in 40 minutes. With only 104 RMs and 19 TCKs, JFH is definitely a watch again this week. Tohu Harris may be a better point scoring and value option to consider come round 13.

  • The LB saved Ford’s score. Another 6 MTs along with an ER, PC and SB did not help his output this week. Concern now is his availability over the next two weeks after not returning to the field following his sin binning. Ford may potentially miss the next two weeks. Consider SELLING if this is the case, although that MID/EDG dual will be very handy to navigate the bye rounds.

  • CNK’s score of 29 was saved by 191 RMs. A game that was predominantly played through the middle meant some outside backs did not score well. The Warriors had a lack of field position inside the Panther’s 20 metre zone, resulting in CNK racking up a lack of attacking stats, with only 3 TBs and 1 OFH. Consider HOLDING CNK through the Warriors round 12 bye due to his round 13 availability.

Sharks vs Dolphins Observations

  • McInnes held onto the starting lock position. His output of 59 TCKs and 93 RM in 53 minutes was aided by the wave of position that the Dolphins had. A score of 67 will now mean he starts to make some cash and could potentially be a HOLD through until the difficult round 16 bye if he maintains a starting role. It was interesting to note Fitz’s assessment that Finucane needed to be worked back into his role, only play 38 minutes this week.

  • JMK continues to impress. With 62 FP this week, he continues to go through his floor due to the registration of attacking stats. He is currently one of the form hookers in the comp. Although having a bye in round 11, JMK may be the perfect downgrade option for Grant and Cook owners come the Origin period.

  • Purchasers of Lemuelu were banking on a strong round 10 performance. He delivered with 59 FP in 75 minutes (went for a HIA assessment) that included a T, LB, 25 TCKs, 3 TB and 106 RM. While holding that starting left EDG role, he is a keeper CTR option. With Nikorima playing at 5/8, the amount of ball he demands and passes onto Lemuelu is encouraging. Opening up at close to $630K, you are paying top dollar for Lemuelu, but with a lack of reliable gun WFB options currently, he may be a BUY that allows coaches to shift Manu back to WFB.

  • Valynce Te Whare’s fantasy output of 59 FP was outstanding. Defensively, he was found out on the right edge and this may impact his job security moving forward. Although the Phins have a round 11 bye, track Aitken’s hamstring injury and put Te Whare on the WATCHLIST, as he will have a huge negative BE and could be a perfect cheap CTR/WFB downgrade for round 13.

  • Katoa continues to impress, with another mid 40s score netting coaches $30K in price rises. With only 3 MTs, a T and LB helped Katoa go through his floor. It is a concern that Nikorima at 5/8 demands a lot of ball. Milford also dominated the general play kicking when Nikorima shifted to left centre. If you still own Katoa, consider holding him through the Phins round 11 bye for round 13, where he can then be moved on come round 14.

  • Flicko The Nicho. After Hynes was a huge trade in target for coaches this week, he only recorded 38 FP. 14 demerits hindered his output. The Sharks made a stack of errors and consequently they had a lack of field position. He will bounce back next week, but for owners of both Cleary and Hynes, the question now is who do you captain, as this week proved that Nicho can have the odd down game.

  • The Hammer recorded 31 FP, including a T and TO. A reduction in attacking stats through TBs, TAs, LBs and LBAs has hindered his output over the last 4 weeks. With a bye next week, Hammer is a borderline SELL depending on round 13 cover. After losing approximately $17K this week, he will again have a bigger BE in round 12. If holding for the first major bye round, he is a definite SELL come round 14.

Storm vs Rabbitohs Observations

  • Munster and Grant both scored 55 FP and are top tier options in their respective positions. Both players are a HOLD through until round 13, where you then may elect to move them on depending on your squad’s cover.

  • Loiero continues to reward coaches who held him last week, registering 49 FP in 73 minutes. He is all base, with a repeatable output allowing him to still make another $50K over the next three weeks. With a bye in round 13 but then having a clear run through until round 19, Loiero is a clear HOLD but can be used a path to make an upgrade downgrade in the coming weeks.

  • NAS let down those who brought him in this week as a POD option. His 42 points in 48 minutes did include a TS and 4 TBs. Positive sign is he had 1 OFH and 76 RMs. No cause to be concerned yet, particularly due to playing in rounds 14, 16 and 17.

  • Cook is about to start bleeding cash. With only 35 TCKs, 2 TBs and 89 RMs, he managed to score 41 points this weekend. Consider SELLING Cook immediately, as he will be a trade out come round 13.

  • Huge shout out to Jacob Host after his 40-point performance this weekend. He revived his cash generation ability, with the potential to make $50K over the next three weeks. Definitely not a trade in, but a HOLD for those owners who remained faithful. He is a valuable round 13 player, particularly with popular edges including Hosking, Preston and Loiero on the bye.

  • Season low RMs and having not scored a try for the first time in his last five games resulted in Latrell only registering 33 FP. Consider HOLDING Latrell through until round 13, as he will potentially be a top tier WFB option.

  • Tatola only played 34 minutes, registering 30 FP. Over the last two weeks, he has offensively and defensively passed the eye test, making 22 TCKs for no misses this week. Track Tatola, but avoid him until playing 45+ minutes – WATCHLIST.

  • Murray has been a huge disappointment for coaches, recording only 28 points in 54 minutes. With Origin and 13 demerits, the absence of attacking stats and a reduced work rate this week, he is an urgent SELL. Opening up at mid $700K, JDB may be a great straight swap option.

West Tigers vs Dragons Observations

  • Jahreem Bula backed up again with an excellent 45 FP. He is a must have at this point with so few genuine cash cows. He is consistently busy and around the ball.

  • Another fantastic performance from Jack De Belin with 71 FP. He had a small spell at the back end of the 2nd half but was busy in the middle and recorded a TA to go through his floor. If you don’t believe he plays origin, JDB is a fantastic option to consider over the bye period.

  • Jayden Sullivan scored two tries and finished on 58 FP coming off the bench. Price at 342k before the round, if he gets the start next week, he may be a good BUY with a strong running game and as the dominate general play kicker.

  • Jaydn Su’a has had three straight 50-plus scores, registering 52 FP this week. He may be a sneaky option to consider for round 13 and over the origin period.

  • Despite being spelled after 30 minutes, Jack Bird still managed to score 51 FP. He showed a great work rate in the middle. He is still a BUY, especially being available at CTR and playing out of position. His scoring consistency when available at CTR is hurting non owners.

  • Anyone looking at Ben Hunt after his move to hooker should stop. He scored 31 FP and had 11 MT. He brought a lot of line speed but was often bumped off on first contact. He did not register the attacking stats he would if playing in the halves.

  • Lastly, Tyrell Sloan had a very weird game and finished with 9 FP. His status in your team is really line-up dependent. If you have solid WFB cover for round 13, he is a sell.

Roosters vs Cowboys Observations

  • First up, the man himself Billy Smith looked great on the Roosters left side. He was one of their best, finishing with 58 FP including 25 TCKs, 7 TBs and 2 LBAs. At near basement price, he may be a great pickup come the Origin period. With the Rooster struggling though, he may make way for more experienced players to come in.

  • Brandon Smith had another great game, scoring 52 FP. From a football perspective, his decision making was poor. Fantasy wise, he made 40 TCKs and may be a good MID/HOK cover option to consider over the Origin period. This presents huge risk however, as he burns fantasy coaches.

  • Crichton played big minutes due to Egan Butcher’s failed HIA. He scored a late T to register 51 FP. It will be interesting to see how close he is to the origin set up come round 13, as he may be a great underpriced option to consider.

  • James Tedesco had a better score of 47 with 236 MG and 4 TB but being this close to origin, he is an AVOID.

  • Joey Manu finished on 41 but looked lost at times in attack. He is still a great fantasy option and may will get another nice price rise. The Rooster’s lack of attacking fluency is not helping Manu’s output.

  • Todd Payten finally gave us all what we expected from Reuben Cotter, scoring 71 FP in 68 minutes. This did come with a T, but big minutes meant Cotter recorded 38 TCKs and 138MG. He is an AVOID though being so close to Origin and with Taumalolo due back in round 12.

  • For coaches that picked up Scott Drinkwater, he scored a solid 43 FP. He recorded 6 TB and 135 MG while taking some general play KM off Townsend. If the Cowboys season is to turn around, Drinkwater will be at the centre of their attack..

  • Reece Robson struggled in the middle with 10 MT and a score of 43 FP. In less than ideal conditions, he wasn’t able to run from dummy half. For owners, he is a HOLD. Come round 13, he will be at a discounted price but JMK may be a better option.

  • Helium Luki’s return from a hamstring injury was a frustrating one for coaches that took a punt on him, playing 55 minutes and finishing on 19 FP. He wasn't able to generate any OFs or TBs and lacked a high defensive workrate. This may be improved over the next few weeks due to his overall load management coming back from an ACL and hamstring injury. Coaches need to be patient and they will be rewarded in the coming weeks - WATCHLIST.

Titans vs Eels Observations

  • Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and David Fitfita both had strong performances, registering 71 FP and 69 FP respectively. With it being so close to the Origin period, both are AVOIDS for non-owners.

  • Alofiana Khan-Pereira had another game, getting a double and registering 47 FP. This score will kick-start his price rises again and is shaping as a HOLD over the origin period unless you need a WFB for round 13.

  • Jayden Campbell was his elusive best in this game with 142 MG, 3 TB and 8 KD. He certainly passed the eye test but with a bye in round 13 and uncertainty around Brimson’s 3 – 6 week injury, he is an AVOID.

  • Dylan Brown has returned, registering another big score of 74 that included 2 TA, 2 LB and a LBA. He is an elite round 13 half option and is someone to target if you have the trades to move on Hynes or Cleary come round 13.

  • Ryan Matterson and J’maine Hopgood both had massive games through the middle for Parra with 62 FP and 56 FP respectively. It was slightly concerning that Matterson was taking off late in the second half, but he got through a mountain of work recording 32 TCKs and 242 MG. Hopgood offload was effective. Both players are BUYS for round 13 depending on the Origin availability.

  • The biggest concern for coaches will be Mitchell Moses’ failed HIA. He was diagnosed as a category 1 upon assessment, meaning he will miss round 11. Given he only scored 28 FP in this game, he will lose cash and have a higher BE come round 12.


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