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TK's PlayBook - Round 5

Welcome back to TK’s playbook where I break down the winners, losers and black bookers from each game. The PlayBook article is Brought to you by - GameDay Squad. Create, Coach, Compete in Fantasy Footy. Be the coach & WIN. Download the app and play now.

Round 5

Score - 1003

Rank - 3867 up from 5968

Main takeaways

  • I can’t pick a captain to save myself, can someone help me please

  • Great trade from Carrigan to Hosking. Carrigan got managed for 35FP and lost $15K while Hosking smashed it for 59FP and made $75K.

  • Start looking at bye planning and the Origin period of rounds 13 to 20

Trades on my mind

No trading. Round 7 trade Walker to Nicho Hynes.

Player charges

  • Bailey Simonsson grade 3 high tackle (2-3 matches)

  • Fines for Lachlan Fitzgibbon, Herman Ese’ese, Mikaele Ravalawa, Jack de Belin, Fonua Pole, Junior Tupou

  • Hip drops are likely citings for Niukore, Finucane and Okunbor.


  • Villiam Kikau concussion at training, will miss round 5 and 6

  • James Tedesco failed HIA out of round 6

  • Josh Schuster - Quad cork

  • James Fisher Harris - suspected MCL 1-4 weeks

  • Matt Frawley - Broken hand 6 weeks

  • Alex Johnson - HIA

  • Ben Trbojevic - Hamstring

  • Christian Tuipulotu - Knee

  • Matt Croker - Ribs

  • Tyson Gamble - HIA

  • Jayden Su’a - Calf

  • Anthony Milford - Hamstring

  • Toby Rudolf - Foot

  • Max King - Eye

  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner - Concussion

Roosters vs Eels


  • Roosters are starting to click earlier than in previous years. The unselfishness of their halves is a real standout. Sam Walker was my path to Nicho Hynes but his also making it easy not to make the trade. The stand out of his game is improved kicking game and particularly his defence. Has missed 1 tackle in his last 3 games and was a rock wall in front of Cartwright all night. Great support play and that harbor bridge ball is just amazing. Drew Hutchison isn’t fantasy relevant but massive wrap for being a team man. His half IQ lets him see things unfold before they do when he sits in the centres.

  • Jaxson Paulo is starting to really believe in his size and ability. Issue now is he is just under $500k. People will say he is try reliant, but thats his job to score tries and he is doing it well with 5 in 4 games. Outside Walker and eventually Manu can only see this continuing. Has 157MG av, 3 TB, 1.3LB & 1.3T. Dual position and currently really low owner if you want to lock in a Isaac Thompson upgrade.

  • The bye did Cheese the world of good. Had a handy 48FP in 68 mins, with a better defensive output. Still not seeing his running game which is his strength and given my battles with him over two years I can’t imagine picking him up again.

  • Teddy was looking good before his head knock. Simonsson was lucky not to get sent off and Teddy was looking really lively as the Roosters were calving up the Parra middle with short inside balls. His 19FP on a 61BE sees a loss of close to $50k. Will miss next week and on return against Cronulla will have a massive BE. Could potentially fall below $600K which puts him into BUY consideration. His track record of head knocks is a significant concern.

  • The Wallabies should be looking to sign Will Penisini to partner Suaali’i in the centres. Early sin bin knocked his score but the offload / try assist for Gutho’s try was pure magic.

  • Hopgood was busy but only 62 minutes in a week where Paulo doesn’t play. Never will captain him again.

  • Matto will cop a dual shortly is playing great footy. Keep on the radar for Origin period consideration, I think he will fall short of being in Freddies plans this year. Very consistent player.

  • I think the Carty Party which has extended into a bender may be finally over. 33FP in a more Carty style performance verus the outperformance from the opening 4 rounds. Lane should be back this week coming but owners from round 1 will make $300k in one of the great calls of all time.

  • 6.1% of people got on Brendan Hands which i really didn’t like. Only 30 minutes and didn’t score as freely with only 16FP made up mostly of tackles. Will make a small amount of money but I just have a bad feeling that the NRL will put a stop to this shortly as it makes no sense that he is allowed to play. For the 2.6% of people who have Josh Hodgson please sell him, missing tackles for days, reduced minutes and literally zero running game.

  • Dylan Brown has developed a really bad habit of no look passes which is only getting worse. A little underwhelming to start the year given his ability. Given he has yet to score a try he's actually not that far off the pace stat wise. Had a 0.5 T per game strike rate in 2022 so the Eels need this to return. The return of Shaun Lane should help him considerably. Monitor as he is undervalued and could become handy.

Black Book


Raiders vs Penrith


  • Win the Chin. Nice game by my mate Cleary. Making me look silly LOL. 8 goals in this one as the Panthers finally find their attacking grove. Be interesting to see where he averages ahead. Still thinking some where between 60-70. Luai was much more lively in this one, I can’t believe people are debating his origin status, it would be a huge call to leave him out.

  • Zac Hosking an easy $75k in a very balanced 80 minute performance of 59FP. Defends well and hits a beautiful line. With Soro a huge part of the mid rotation I can see Liam Martin coming back to strengthen the left edge. Thats two high level performances in a row would be hard for Chin Snr to drop him from there. BUY him he’s going to make bank.

  • Big bad Lindsay Smith is a goer and looks like Hoskings twin. Set up a try for Cleary with his kick chase and was a menace. 112MG, 24TCK, 5TB, 1OFH and with the injury to Fisher Harris could see some good minutes.

  • Turuva finally on the board. Less run metres in this one, but I love the way this bloke plays.

  • Mitch Kenny really fell away in this one. Only 21FP despite 57 mins and no Soni Luke. Only had 2MG and 3MT in an unhappy game.

  • Raiders were gut less. How Sticky keeps his job is an amazing topic. Given they were matching the Panthers in the half why are the two star props playing 48 minutes. This needs to be 58-60 minutes it really isn’t rocket science.

  • Without Wighton and no sign yet of Savage I'd hang back on Raiders players for the time being. The only relevance really is Timoko and Young and if you have Harley Smith Shields please sell him if you have no fires. Tapine is well off the pace, don’t sell him as it only takes 1-2 weeks to turn around form but people have been telling me his playing well, I know what I can see, he is way off the mark this year.

Black Book

  • Lindsay Smith see above

Souths vs Melbourne


  • Non Chin and Nicho owners had some good captain candidates who didn’t disappoint with Cam Murray (87FP), Harry Grant (87FP) and Damien Cook (75 FP) all outpeforming.

  • Harry Grant was the energizer bunny both sides of the ball. Look the reins with a lovely kicking game (198KM) and was off loading at will (4 OFH). He had 11 demerits also so this score could of been higher.

  • While I recommended trading Carrigan, I didn’t recommend Murray as there is a definite scoring difference between the two. Muz is actually at a really decent price ATM. Another game of 72 minutes, I just don’t get the HIA laws. He clearly needed to come off for a check as did Cook. It's giving me a concussion just to work out how they work it out.

  • Leiero had 19 demerits but still knocked out a 43. Katoa also came back to the pack with a 35FP and had 10 demerits also. Hold both into the round 9 bye which I think will have a peak price for both and then reassess then.

  • Love what I see from Jonah Pezet. Super poised and over calls Munster. A bit to clean up in defence but he runs the team really well. Not fantasy relevant now but I can see a time in the next two years where he becomes very relevant at another club.

  • Reimis Smith had his best game of the year and was super aggressive in defence with some nice carries. Probably have too many Storm players atm but one to keep an eye on as they finish their byes relatively early.

  • Was great to see Hame Sele back from that nasty HIA against the Roosters. Got 47 minutes with 30 TCK and 96MG setting nice base. Just two things to consider is how far away Arrow and Tatola are for him to keep these minutes. If you’re planning for round 13 also figure if you’ve currently got enough qualifying MIDS for that round.

Black Book

  • Jonah Pezet - Put him in there for the future.

Manly vs Newcastle


  • Dom Young with a huge 4 try game and 79FP. Massive response after being dropped to NSW Cup for both form and signing with the Roosters. Doubt we see Hymel Hunt back any time soon. Greg Marzhew was also massive with 69FP. Scoring tries, saving tries and great base (234MG & 7TB). The right edge of Frizell, Hastings, Gagai and Young is a handful.

  • Both fullbacks were fantastic. Lachie Miller (FP 71) continues his massive form. Would of scored more if Best had held onto the footy. Not a skillful ball player but is improving and his energy is nearly unmatched in the NRL. Turbo (FP 56) had some great touches just not enough of them despite his stats (278MG, 3 LBA & 2 TA) probably disagreeing with that. Was out of the blocks really fast but just came in and out of the game too much. DCE scored heaps of junk time points to finish with a respectable 46FP as he didn’t have any significant attacking stats and had 9 demerits.

  • Jack Johns was brilliant. Was best on ground for the first 25 minutes where he scored a great try up the guts, defended well and provided great service as the link. Was surprising he only got 41 minutes, as he could be a nice cashie if he could play 60 minutes. Leo Thompson continues to rack up the scores. Another handy 55 in 59 mins to reward those who took a chance on him. He is no longer Eeyore.

  • Shout out to Jurbo who got out 90 minutes. Just did Jake things with 121MG and 49 TCK.

  • I thought Hastings was really good with his direction and control. Season high 660KM and will be approaching a third date this round after a 49 and 53. Only issue he must be carrying a leg or foot injury as he gave up the goal kicking again in the second half. Keep on the radar for the Origin period ahead.

  • Brailey was in the wars with a bloody nose most of the game but still knocked out a handy 52, most defence in the second half. Keep an eye on him. Only issue with buying him for Origin period is he plays round 13 but doesn’t play round 14.

  • The two cashie MIDS Croker and Keppie had conflicting games. Croker had a 39 in 47 minutes which wasn’t bad considering a HIA check and also a ribs issue towards the end. Keppie came on all fired up but could only manage 24FP with 4 miss tackles.

  • Be nice to know whats wrong with Lachlan Croker’s shoulder as he looked crook at times. He went off for a short spell before returning so potential AC joint and pain management thing but hey i’m not NRL physio.

Black Book

  • Keao Weekes scored a great try and looked dynamic up the middle. However had a silly strip which nearly cost them the game.

  • Jack Johns (see above)

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Dragons vs Dolphins


  • Hunt (68 FP) was great in this one in a bounceback. Does this regularly though against lower opposition (FLAT TRACK BULLY). Amone made his NRL comeback but could only knock out 20FP as he continued to show defensive deficiency.

  • Birdy knocked out 80 minutes and looked the goods with plenty of energy in this one. Nice balance of scoring as he continues to settle in the middle. Had 8 TB’s in this one. Jack De Belin came back from the bench and knocked out 47 minutes and will be better for the run. Hopefully a few more low minute games to knock that price down as we know his quality.

  • Sloan was saved by some junk time action. Was heavily strapped on his thigh but showed plenty of mobility for his try. Will continue to chip away some cash.

  • Lemuelu did well to knock out 36FP given 18 demerits and no half on his right side. Looks a great buy if you don’t have him.

  • Miracles do happen and BMM hit a 35. Had 27 TCK’s and 117MG to at least become a slow burn.

  • Hammer looked a little gun shy, letting the ball bounce on kicks a lot. Scored a nice try to continue his streak to start the year. Poor Jack Bostock on his return to his junior area as he got owned several times.

  • Given Milf only lasted 18 minutes I was a little disappointed in Katoa not taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Likely to be paired with Nikorima next week and will continue to be a slow cash burn. Had 6 MT’s in this one and it's hard to be critical of a 19 year old and he did get 32FP so not to bad in the end.

  • Herman Ese’ese was on another planet. His discipline was terrible with the ref calling him on the 10 literally every set he was out there.

Black Book

  • Toby Couchman - Got 43 minutes and showed a willingness to get busy. No need to buy him but keep him in the book.

Broncos vs Tigers


  • Kevie got to manage both Haas and Carrigan but before he went off Haas was on another level. Ended up with 71FP in 47 minutes literally looking like the big kid in the under 12’s.

  • Walshly showing his class and form in this one. 3TA, 6TB, 165MG, the eye test on Mr Eyeliner is real. My boy is still under valued. BUY but track Ponga news for Origin.

  • The Broncos have the best center pair in the comp but they had a few demerits tonight particularly Staggs with 14 of them. Both super aggressive and run great lines, I think you need at least one of them.

  • IPap continues to have a dig. The thing with the Tigers players you will need 2-3 to complete the end of Origin period and into the back end so find a way to Ipap eventually. Bateman came right back to the pack and will lose around $30k while Api falls under $600k and Doueihi loses another $50k. With Doueihi, he’s just not a fullback and thats on Sheens and Benji.

  • One shining light was Shaun Blore knocking out 61FP in 59 minutes with a great base of 24 TCK and 115 MG along with 4TB and 4 OFH and I'd be surprised if he is not pushing to startnext week. Great to see him live up to his promise.

Black Book

  • None

Sharks vs Warriors


  • Game of the year considering the conditions. All Sharks early then a remarkable effort by the Tohu Harris less Wahs who staged one of the best comebacks off all time.

  • Forget vintage SJ this is new age SJ and the best he’s ever played. 89FP which included a 1 try, 2 TA, 2 TB and 676KM. Also missed only 1 tackle and given how far behind they were just bought them back into the game. Just made $80K to $776K BUY. The thing with the Warriors during the Origin period they play the most games with 8 of 9 while all other teams play 7. I’m not saying overload the team but get the key assets.

  • Hynes knocked out a respectable 68FP to keep his price in respectable range. The idea of SJ and Nicho being my halves in round 7 is arousing. BUY

  • Ford had a busy game and despite 14 demerits had a pass mark of 44 FP. Jazz showing how relevant he could be if he started with 60FP in 67 mins, what a weapon.

  • The two Sharks wingers Ronaldo and Katoa had shockers in the second half with their hands to bring the Wahs back in it. Both Brailey and McInnes have been well off the pace to start the year. Brailey with 7MT’s in this one while McInnes isn’t having the same impact off the bench he had last year.

  • Josh Curran is one to keep an eye on. Beautiful try running a line off SJ. He only got 19 minutes but we know his quality. Drops $46K to $523K and is a player to keep on the watchlist.

Black Book

  • None

Bulldogs vs Cowboys


  • Luki switched to the left edge and was a menace. Set up at great try for Chester with an offload as Flanno couldn't contain him. Very nicely priced if you want to downgrade an under performing MID. The switch to the left gives me confidence they want him there when Nanai returns. Got through 71 minutes also which is very encouraging on where his return from his ACL is at.

  • Preston switched to the left edge from the right and was sensational. Scored 80FP adding $98K and scored 2 tries and had 47 tackles and 125MG.

  • Matt Burton stepped up when they needed him. Scored 62FP and kicked the winning field goal. Given we are after Nicho Hynes and his lack of consistency might need to chill on him but his under valued. Great to see Grub Reynolds back for shits and giggles, just love his intensity.

  • Another great game from Reece Robson. Despite Harry Grant's stellar run I'm actually thinking come round 9 of a downgrade to Robson to run through the Origin period. BUY

  • Tom Chester a nice price rise in probably his last start. Be interesting to see if they might switch him onto the wing.

  • Reed Mahoney's defence is now a serious concern. He had 10 misses tackles. I think if you can find $100k pay up to Robson.

  • RFM with a nasty concussion and will drop a lot of cash. Keep him on the watch list, not in the best fantasy form but has a track record.

Black Book

  • None


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