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TK's Draft Pick - Tom Trbojevic

We all held high hopes for the return of Tommy Turbo but we were all shattered when social media went mad at another hamstring injury. The weekend before I drafted him in the second round I was that confident of a huge year. Pre injury in classic, Turbo had an ownership of 39.6% which has fallen now to 13.6% and really it should be 0%.

In classic you have to cut him for now it’s not even a conversation. Even if he returns around round 4 you’ll need to see some consistent games put together before you take another punt.

Draft is another thing though and you might be able to gag a valuable punt on Turbo and do better than I did. Right now you should prioritise getting key players in the first four rounds before you take a punt on Turbo. So around round 5-6 if he is on the board you need to make a serious consideration.

While we have only seen 19 games from him in two years, in his defence he and his club have worked over time on his body and before this slip up in the bathroom he hadn’t had any issues in 9 months.

He has plenty of form in 2019 he averaged 46 and 2018 he averaged 48. The thing with Turbo is how high his ceiling is. 2019 he had scores of 85 and 100 and 2018 scores of 84,73 and 72. Turbo is the type of player that can win you a draft competition.

So don’t put a priority on him in the early rounds but if your competition doesn’t pull the trigger he is worth a punt in the fifth or six round he can be the difference maker in the back end of the season, just remember it’s 25 rounds there is plenty of time so trust your gut.

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