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Trending Trades - Round 20

Hello and welcome to Trending Trades for round 20. My name is Jake, and I’ll be taking you through some short and sharp analysis of the top 5 traded in players for this round.

Harrison Graham – 2.1% - $269k – BE -2

  • Graham seems like a fairly good cashout this week, given he’s a starting hooking who’s probably going to play around the 50 to 60 minute mark. With an average of 35 coming from mostly base stats, I think it’s an okay option to cover some of your Dragons, Raiders, and Rabbitohs who are on the bye this week.

  • The only problem with Graham is his job security. The dolphins have the bye in round 21 and Jeremy Marshall-King’s return date from his shoulder injury is still unknown. This pretty much means Graham could play anywhere between 1 and 7 games for the rest of the season.

  • If you need a green dot this week, but you have a full 17 for the remaining 7 rounds I think Graham is a great option. If you are looking for a cheap 18th or 19th man, I think he is probably a bit too risky for that type of role in your side.

David Fifita – 2.0% - $852k – BE 65

  • Fifita is averaging 70 in his 70+ minute games this season, plus has no more byes left, which makes him by far the best EDG for the run home.

  • However, coming off origin limited minutes in origin, NRL Physio has reported that he has been suffering from some back tightness, which puts him in some doubt for this week.

  • Given the Titans play in the last game of the round I think this is one you can definitely wait a week on. If you are trading out a player who is on the bye for him, you do have the option to switching the trade last minute to a gun from the Titans or Eels if he doesn’t make the 1 hour cut off, or a gun from Roosters, Storm, Warriors, Sharks, Dolphins, or Panthers if he doesn’t make the 24-hour cut off.

Harry Grant – 2.0% - $752k – BE 55

  • Harry looks to be the best HOK option for the run home given his 60 point average and no byes left. Given he’s been a proven keeper in seasons past, I can’t see this average changing anytime soon.

  • Similar to other top 4 sides, there is always a chance he gets rested in round 27. However, with the Storm playing a few strong teams on the run home I think they will be fighting to hang on to that top 4 spot and they may not have the luxury to rest their key players.

  • Regardless, I still think Grant is a great pickup and should be a key HOK target for all coaches.

Jake Averillo – 1.2% - $360k – BE 28

  • Averillo made a busy return to the fullback jersey for the Dogs running for over 200m and also setting up a couple of tries.

  • I expect this to probably change over the next couple of weeks against the Broncos and The Panthers, where the Bulldogs could get an absolute hiding.

  • If you are using Averillo as a cash out who isn’t going to be in your 17 this week or next, his draw does soften up after that, so he could provide you with some nice scores then.

  • If you don’t desperately need a cashout this week, I would probably wait a week and jump on Munro next week who is $80k cheaper.

Blake Wilson 1.2% - $297k – BE -4

  • Wilson another cash out option for this week and is extra appealing being under $300k, however is not DPP.

  • Similarly to Averillo, his next two games are against the Broncos and the Panthers, so there is a high chance we see a fairly big regression in his 41 average on the wing.

  • I think he is probably the better cash out option if you are not planning on playing him in anywhere near your 17 on the run home, purely for the extra $63k.

As for myself this round, I’m sitting with 11 trades and $178k in that bank. I’ll be looking at making 3 trades this week to bring in 2 guns and 1 cash-out for three peaked cash cows in Jacob Liddle, Jahream Bula, and Valynce Te Whare. The first gun I’ll be bringing in is Daley Cherry-Evans who is currently under priced at $714k for a 59 average. With Manly fighting to make the top 8 and having no byes left, I believe he is a low chance of a rest between now and the end of the season. The 2nd gun I’m bringing in is Cameron Munster who is also currently under priced at $718k for someone who averages 56. TK and Patty brought up a great point at NRL HQ this week, with Munster’s output significantly increasing on the run home in the past few seasons, so hopefully that can happen again this year as the Storm look to hold onto their top 4 finish. For my cashout, I only have $270k to spend so there really isn’t any good options, however it is for my 21st spot on my bench, so there is a very unlikely chance I will need to play them. I will be choosing Soni Luke, purely for the fact that he can hopefully get a handy “break glass in case of emergency” score in round 27 when multiple Penrith players are likely to be rested for the finals. But I definitely would not be recommending any coaches to get him if you had the money to cash out to someone a little bit more expensive.

Well that wraps up trending trades for round 20. As always keep an eye out for all the other Talking League content for this round. Have a great weekend and enjoy the footy!

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