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Falling Gun - Round 22

Welcome back to Falling Gun. For Round 22’s edition, let’s look at three POD captaincy options. This week I will analyse the associated risk, match-up and projected scoring output of Dylan Brown, Joe Ofahengaue and Matt Burton.

Dylan Brown (669k) (BE 23) (Owned by 3% in Top 100, 6.50% in Top 1000 and 6.48% in Top 5000)

D Bags’ low ownership and increased role in the Parramatta team makes him an enticing POD captaincy option. Brown’s high defensive work rate along with a recent uptick in his ball running and kick metres gives him a high floor. Moses out of the team gives Brown greater leadership and a more senior role in attack. Brown as a half may struggle for time and space to ball play and run the football if the Parramatta forward park is unable to lay a platform. The Rabbitohs are a team that can leak points if continuously put under defensive pressure.

Projected Score - 65.

Joe Ofahengaue (761k) (BE 46) (Owned by 35% in Top 100, 30.40% in Top 1000 and 22.54% in Top 5000)

With a big minute role in Round 21 back at lock, Joe O again proved why he is a premium MID option. The man is a base stat king, averaging 43 points per game through run metres and net tackles. Joe O has only scored 50 or less points in three games this season when playing over 60 minutes. In a 70 minute role going forward and against a dominant Sharks team, look for Joe O to get through plenty of defensive work. The issue is that Joe O does not have the high ceiling or attacking upside of D Bags and Burton.

Projected Score - 57.

Matt Burton (760k) (BE 57) (Owned by 98% in Top 100, 96.00% in Top 1000 and 88.76% in Top 5000)

Burton’s gameplay has been integral to the Dogs attacking revival. Burton has averaged 61.8 fantasy points per game under the coaching of Potter. Burton has accumulated a reliable season base of 35 points per game (net tackles, run metres and kick metres). As the dominant half and with a favourable match-up against the Warriors, Burton has the upside to be involved in multiple attacking plays. This makes Burton a high ceiling and risky captaincy option, as he needs these attacking stats to score 60-80 fantasy points.

Projected Score - 62.

My Captaincy Ranking

  1. Nicholas Hynes (HLF/WFB)

  2. Damien Cook (HOK)

  3. Cameron Murray (MID)

  4. Isaiah Papali'i (MID/EDG)

  5. Dylan Brown (HLF)

  6. Cameron Munster (HLF)

That’s a wrap for Falling Gun in Round 22. Be sure to check out Talking League’s weekly podcasts as well as other published articles. Remember, strategy and planning for your captaincy selection is key to maintaining and improving your overall ranking.


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