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Falling Gun - Round 23

Welcome back to Falling Gun. For myself, The Professor, a Reformed Shooter, Postman Pat, Mrs Olive, Snake ‘Billy Smith’ Corby and fantasy coaches still with trades remaining, Round 23’s edition will look at three guns to straight swap for injured and suspended players. This week I will analyse the scoring output, role and availability of Reuben Cotter, Shaun Lane and and Reece Robson.

Reuben Cotter (716k) (BE 57) (Owned by 2% in Top 100, 2.70% in Top 1000 and 3.24% in Top 5000)

In Round 22, Reubs with a PPM above 1 returned to his big minute role. Reubs has got through three games since returning from partially tear his hamstring, meaning the re-injury rate is decreased. In six games over 50 minutes against Top 8 teams, Reubs’ has only missed seven tackles and has a base stat average of 54 fantasy points. With big tackle counts, expect Reubs along with Robson to sure up the Cowboys’ middle defence particular in games against the Rabbitohs and Panthers after this weekend. Reubs’ HOK/MID DPP status provides coaches with cover if Grant or Cook is rested in Round 25.

Projected 3 Round Average - 64.

Shaun Lane (753k) (BE 38) (Owned by 5% in Top 100, 3.50% in Top 1000 and 3.42% in Top 5000)

I never thought Lane would become fantasy relevant, let alone a premium edge option. From Round 11 onwards, he has averaged 60.6 fantasy points per game. This nearly 20 point increase in scoring output is down to increased tackle counts and improved efficiency, offloading and greater run metres. For coaches, Lane only has upside. Inside the top 5000, he is one of the best POD options for coaches looking to make up ranks. Although Lane is already highly involved in their left-hand side attack, he has try scoring upside with Parramatta’s mediocre draw, running quality lines of D Bags and attacking kicks from the halves.

Projected 3 Round Average - 62.

Reece Robson (750k) (BE 44) (Owned by 43% in Top 100, 31.70% in Top 1000 and 26.86% in Top 5000)

Robbo was someone we should have all picked up before the first buy round but no fantasy coaches trusted Payton. Since playing 80 minutes from Round 8 onwards, Robbo has averaged 60.3 fantasy points per game. This average though is highly inflated due to Robbo scoring six tries. Upcoming games against the Rabbitohs and Panthers should see Robbo rack up large tackle counts. The Sharks’ soft draw and 32 competition points means the Cowboys need to continue winning games to secure a top two spot. Payton cannot afford to rest players and Robbo will continue to be a focal attacking point of the Cowboys.

Projected 3 Round Average - 51.

My Trade-in Ranking of Players owned by less than 10% of Fantasy Coaches

  1. Reuben Cotter

  2. Shaun Lane

  3. Joe Ofahengaue

  4. Nat Butcher

  5. Brandon 'The Cheese' Smith

  6. Adam Reynolds

That’s a wrap for Falling Gun in Round 23. Be sure to check out Talking League’s weekly podcasts as well as other published articles. Remember, strategy and planning for your utilising your remaining trades is key to maintaining and improving your overall ranking.


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