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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Avoid Jack Gosiewski

With Joel Thompson leaving for Super league this year there is a vacant spot to fill on the EDG the front runner seems to be Gosiewski, with new recruit Andrew Davey nipping at his heels for a starting spot.

Gosiewski played over 70 minutes 8 times over the last 3 seasons for an average of 33 FP nothing to get excited about in my opinion, and that involves 2 meat pies. Maybe because the spot is up for grabs he will do more to keep his spot, but a few poor games and Davey slots straight in.

With a BE of 21 I don’t see him setting the world on fire or making you much cash i see value elsewhere, if Davey gets the starting nod that is a different question. With 2 games at 80 mins and an average of 53.

Jack Gosiewski is an avoid for me, do you see value in him?

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