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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Avoid Viliame Kikau

Viliame Kikau had an average of 43 last year to have him starting at $568 000 before round 1. His average of 68 minutes playing time a game seems to be set now and has him scoring at a PPM of 0.63. These stats don’t excite me but they must excite 12.7% of those playing fantasy.

This post is more aimed at those new to NRL fantasy who get sucked in to purchasing a highlights reel player such as Kikau. Some of the things he can do is next level on the footy park and he can single handily win games for the panthers, however it’s being aware of those other games he doesn’t get his big attacking stats which equals poor fantasy scores.

For instance in 10 out the 17 regular season games in 2020 he scored less than 40 points. A huge inconsistency in a player you are spending big money on.

You can pick up players with similar averages such as Jayden Su’A ($565 000) and Kevin Proctor ($556 000) who don’t have the same highlights reel but score just as well. If those two names would never make your team and yet have the same average and price of Kikau then why would you purchase big Viliame?

A great player to watch when he is on, but you have to think about the other 55-60 minutes he is not getting you the fantasy points you want. Avoid Kikau.

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