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NRL Fantasy recommendation - Avoid Martin Taupau

Martin Taupau comes in at a price of $665 000, a BE of 50 and has an ownership of 2.7%.

Now Taupau has maintained a strong PPM of 1.1 since Des took over in 2018, however his average has fallen over the last 3 seasons with a drop in minutes each year in 51, 49 and 45 mins last year (the lowest he has had since 2014 – 36 mins)

The Taupau owners believe the departure Addin Fonua-Blake will see increased minutes for Taupau. With no AFB over the last 2 seasons Taupau has averaged 56 for an average of 48 mins and had a PPM of 1.2. The big question is will he see this 48+ minutes if the trend under Des continues with reduced minutes.

There are also a couple of big boppers coming through the manly system in Sipley, Keppie, Aloiai, Boyle and Paseka that will look to take AFB's spot in the team and minutes from Taupau.

The other concerning statistics is Taupau’s tackle busts and offloads have also reduced in the last 3 years. Since 2018 he has lost a tackle break and offload per game (- 5 points).

I’m going with the statistics and trends under Des on this one and ruling out the ‘gut feel’ of picking up AFB's minutes. Taupau is an avoid for 2021.

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