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Round 22 burning issues and all your questions answered

New podcast episode is out now and we chat all the NRL Fantasy burning issues from round 21 and we rip through all your questions from social media.

Burning questions

1. Who is the more urgent trade out of Angus Crichton and Jason Taumalolo? And good replacements for the pair?

2. Thoughts and projections on Joey Lussick?

3. Who will score more on the run home Latrell Mitches vs James Tedesco?

4. Who presents best value Kalyn Ponga $590k vs Ryan Papenhuyzen $538k vs Val Holmes $532k

5. Who presents better value Josh Curran $563k vs Victor Radley $578k

6. Captaincy choice round 22 Thanks to everyone who sent in questions on the socials. Questions tonight include:

Dr Cameron Webb - Any reason to consider keeping Hynes? Trades in hand (4) and a likely Murray or Ponga trade target if selling

Thomas Hickey - Who to go for frizell, Luciano or AFB ?

Josh Frew - Who do you think is the top 3 centres in NRL Fantasy right now?

Charles Walters - Thoughts on the hooker and half conundrum? Mahoney out leaves me with brailey and Verills. Is hooker even worth it or run brails? Also I have DCE is Hughes worth it also? Sexton looks better! Where is Cleary! Can go Lussick Cleary. Or Hughes and Cook?

Tatti – 2 trades left, would you be getting rid of Peachey?

Osman Mehr – I’m looking to sell Watson and Mahoney with an extra $147k in the bank. Any suggestions?

Kerrod List - Have both Mahoney and Crichton. Wanting to trade in DCE or Turbo but can only get one of them. Will have 658k in the bank with DCE or 602k if Turbo. Leaning towards DCE and Frizell with knights soft must win draw and the potential for turbo getting rested in games. Thoughts?

Matt Sindone - Best pod MID/Edge? Got haas, afb, papali’i, Murray, Fifita and Matto. Price doesn’t matter - just keen for whoever will score most rest of season

Fox Joanah – Best edge to pick up this week and who do you rate higher out of Cook and Ponga

Clifford Stone – What to do with Mahoney, Crichton and CHN? Got 4 trades left

Tom Lennan - I don’t have Hughes or DCE but would Pearce or Munster or Reynolds actually be a better option?

Jimmy - Week off in head to head finals… 3 trades left. Crichton and Hynes in the side. Use one trade on Hynes this week or ride his price chance and have 3 left for last two rounds?

Jordan - Selling Reed & Angus, whats the better combo to buy.. Lussick & TommyT OR HarryGrant & CamMurray? Shot lads, love the pod!

Jarrod Luck - Last trade. Mahoney to Jackson/Murray/matto. Given up on having a backup hooker

Ian Floggit - Thoughts Lads, 2 trades and 410k itb with both Mahoney and Crichton. Can go Dom young to pretty boy Murray and either Mahoney to Grant or lussick (cook to get early showers into finals) or sit with j Brailz at 9 and let mahoney stare me down like cini with 1 trade as a safety net

Hanzo – Rank in order who you would play in your 17. Watson, Veriils and Blore?


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