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Round 23 burning issues and all your questions answered

New podcast episode is out now and we chat all the NRL Fantasy burning issues from round 23 and we rip through all your questions from social media.

Burning questions

1. Current classic rank and goals for end of year

2. Hypothetical – if you had 2 trades left who would you burn them on

3. Can you field 17 players this week? Who do you have out?

4. Is Turbo to risky to captain this week? Who is next best choice?

Audience Questions

Andre Fatiaki - Is it worth bringing in Cleary if your gonna use your last 2 trades? I would be trading Hughes and Averillo depending on how long there out for, to Cleary and a loop base price player. Or use the same money to get Teddy and Curran. Or just use one trade and save the last one for next week as I'll have a full squad playing this week.

Josh Page - So I have 3 trades left and going Crichton to Cleary for one and I’m thinking of going frizell to Barnett if frizell ends up getting the 1 match suspension

Josh Page - Curran or Barnett?

Klay Murray - Best player to bring in for the run home under 575k? Already have Brailey.

William Roberts - Looking for the best mid/edge. Already have Haas, I Pap, Fonua Blake, D Fifita, Olakauatu and A Crichton sitting in emergency. Money not an issue.

Raymond White - Not so much a round 23 question but what are some tactics,tips,ideas you are taking into improving your team next season that you didn't do this season?

Bailey Hart - Which player should I play out of Peachey, Schuopp and Stephen Crichton, cant loop

Simon George – Who do I bring in for Matterson with my last trade? $712k and any position


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