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The Playbook - TK's notes from NRL Fantasy round 13

Hey guys!! Every Monday I’m going to share my notes from each round with a little update on the good and bad from the round, my black book, and any news on injuries.

The byes are always going to be difficult to try and get through but its also an opportunity to make some ground if you make the right moves. I’m not a huge fan of holding Origin players unless they are either the best in their position or in a light depth position.

I scored a 613 in round 13 with a rank of 639 and 11 trades left.

Round 17 players i’m tracking include Jahrome Hughes, Cheese, Blayke Brailey, Ipap, Dyl Bags, Mitch Barnett, Lucy Leilua, Ramsey, Birdy, Nofa and Laurie. I’ll make 6-7 more trades between now and round 17.

Round notes

Titans vs Cowboys

  • Lolo showed why he's so fantasy relevant with a huge 69. This despite an awful first 10 mins where he hadn’t had a run, missed 2 tackles, and had an error. In the last 10 minutes which is essentially junk time, he showed where his mindset is. He totally owned it with some huge runs and he forced a turnover on the siren which would be pleasing to all of us that owned him. He made 69 and lost money and after another big BE round 14 I think he could be a potential buy even though he doesn’t play round 17.

  • Reece Robson is all class and really rewarded owners despite all the uncertainty around where Jake Glanville fits in. I have him there in the top 4 hookers just behind Cook, Grant and Mahoney so if anything happens to your hookers he is worth a look.

  • A lot of people bought in the Hammer and he scored two tries for a 43. Given the skill set of his team mates his best role really at this stage is utility on the bench. Even at the price I wouldn’t touch him as he has a limited base and his reliance on tries is huge.

  • Sexton (52) and Brimson (48) scored really well and have hit fantasy form the last 3 weeks. The issue now is the injury to Jayden Campbell. Their scores with him in the team is much higher with JC in the team as for an inexperienced spine they are just so much better as a combination. Will wait on scans on Campbell, but hamstrings always have such a high recurrence that anything above a grade 1 strain, I think he is a sell out. Be interesting if they turn to Tannah Boyd and move Brimo back to fullback given no more Will Smith who deleted app. Corey Thompson is the other option and hasn’t he fallen off fantasy relevance.

  • Beau Fermor knocked out a handy 44 despite carrying a few injuries into the game. At $616k his not an immediate sell-out but one to go in or around round 17, some good options to downgrade too (watch Barnett, Leilua and Bird). Tom Gilbert at $571k also falls into that category.

Injuries - Jayden Campbell (scans to come)

Blackbook - none

Panthers vs Bulldogs

  • Matt Burton’s 73 rewarding those who captained him. Really he couldn’t be in good head space going from the best team in the comp to literally carrying his team every week. Before the round, only 58% of the top 5000 had the bloke which is really surprising and his heading close to $800k so don’t go chasing him now.

  • Raymond Faitala Mariner punched out a 33 in 52 minutes. His issue now is fitness which I’m sure will only continue to improve. I can see a nice 40-45 average player if he can get up to the 65-70 minute mark. He pretty much hit his break-even so at $373k I don’t think you need to rush and get him but could be a handy cash down if you need to upgrade elsewhere.

  • Mr Chastity belt Max King with a huge with another big score of 54 coming from his 54 minutes. To think we were going to sell him out but his making money and scoring. Don’t sell him unless he falls out of the starting team or gets limited bench minutes. The Dogs still have Luke Thompson and TPJ to bring into the team so everyone will be impacted. But I have a plan to hold him till round 17. What I love about King is he rips in, I think his the only player in fantasy I can accurately know his score without even looking at the app. I wish the big name players had his attitude.

  • Kurt Falls had a great debut. Can see a bottom four team throwing money at him. I do think its the Penrith system that makes it easy for rookies to come in and out of the team. Congrats to Kurt none the less.

  • JFH and Kikau were huge and really showed while they are in the top 2-3 in their positions. If you got in before the round hold tight and see how their form is during the next 5 weeks I think you’ll be well rewarded.

  • Jake Averillo had a handy 36 if you cashed down too him. Most of those point were in the first half. Given Dufty is going Super League it wouldn’t surprise me if his there for the season. A lot of risk getting him and really Jake’s best asset is scoring from kicking which is all Burton. The only area he was a liability was defence which isn’t surprising given his first game in the NRL out the back. Not for me but tread carefully here.

  • Kiraz knocked out a 27, Ray Charles could see his a better centre than winger where he played the second half.

Injuries - Tevita Pangai Jr is hoping to return in Rd 14 after missing the last 2 weeks with a disc aggravation issue in his lower back. Luke Thompson concussion issues.

Judiciary - Fine for Kyle Flanagan

Blackbook - Kurt Falls, Zach Dockar-Clay.

Manly vs Warriors

I ripped into the Warriors on social media but in hindsight I think I was a little tough on the lads. I think the toll of living away from home (two and a half years) is no having a significant impact on the team. That and a lack of leadership which is evident by a near silent team huddle post the early points Manly had put on the team.

  • Looks like we all chose a bad week to bring in and captain the safe choice Tohu Harris. He was tracking well early then fell in a heap between minutes 15-20 where he had 12 demerits. Don’t loose faith his a quality player.

  • By boy the King of the Eyeliner Reece Walsh had his moments but still struggling with a lack of control and direction from SJ. The try he put on for Jack Murchie was a really nice touch. I think they need to get his hands on the ball more and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him trial in at five-eighth in the not to distant futute. For the price I paid $482k, I still see no player at that price point with his upside, he does have 4 TA in his last 5 games but is remarkably still tryless. #eyeliner4life

  • Rueben Garrick really rewarding hiy buyers with a great 70. Looks at home at fullback and I can see him averaging that 45-50 moving forward. Started the round at $614k, will be more expensive but aside from Hynes and Teddy, he could up there as the next best.

  • Haumole Olakau’atu was a monster. At his price point I think you needed to have him before this round. If the Blues dropped a game, this bloke wouldn’t look out of place at the next level. Did look like he copped a cork above the knee and only played 59 minutes.

  • Toluatau Koula knocked out a nice 40 despite having to leave the field for a HIA assessment. Seems to getting better each week. Given his dual wfb/ctr just park him in the emergencies for those lean weeks you need the cover, do not sell him out pre round 17.

  • Jason Saab sending owners to their feet with a beautiful long-range intercept. Such a beautiful timed ball from Reece Walsh, somehow they didn’t count it as a try assist lol #justiceforwalsh

Injuries - Suspected ACL for Karl Lawton, Cork for Haumole Olaka’atu, Aaron Pene shoulder

Blackbook - none

Raiders vs Roosters

  • Joey Manu was superman scoring an 86. Might be the only time he plays fullback with the Roosters slipping away from the top 4. He’s not a buy but if you have him he is a strong hold.

  • Adam Elliott what a monster with a huge 67 in 66 minutes. Despite the news that his signing with the Knights, can still see him getting 55-60 minutes even when Big Pappa is back. Don’t sell him until a big drop in minutes, could be a handy sell for round 17.

  • Angus Crichton a handy 59 after starting slowly. Will be a mainstay of your final 17.

  • Trent Robinson hating Fantasy coaches giving his starting lock Nat Butcher only 39 minutes despite his great form from the past month. He’s not an urgent sell but track his minutes coming up, another I wouldn’t want for the run home but owners could easily upgrade to a round 17 player ahead.

  • Tom Starling is a massive sell. Only played 33 minutes and his output dropped only scoring 21. Given the lack of quality non origin round 17 hookers we might need to run the hooker gauntlet for a couple of weeks. Only thing to track here was Woolford on report for a Crusher tackle.

Injuries - Non reported

Blackbook - none

Catch our latest podcast as Kyle and Corby join me to discuss all the happenings from round 13.


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