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The Playbook - TK's notes from NRL Fantasy round 19

Hey team hope you all had a good fantasy week. Was good to see my Sharkies have a red hot crack against the Champs. Panthers are just too good but I can't wait for the Sharkies vs Rabbitohs on the weekend. Andy and I actually were invited to a Rabbitohs event for the Storm game and we met Campbell Graham. He's bloody tall i'll tell you that and for those holding him in draft or classic he said his back in 3 weeks.

Any way for the week I scored 968. I moved rank slightly back from 189 to 202. Trades on my mind (well the gunslinger in me wants to use all four haha) probably going Mam to Haas.


  • Adam Reynolds is smashing it. His control of that football team is amazing. With a 72 BE he only added around $15k so will open around $700k. If you can’t afford DCE or Munster then this guy is a must.

  • Payne Haas looked fresh and fired up. Played 65 mins, had 225MG and 9 tackle breaks. Will also be around $700k which is a steal.

  • Pat Carrigan had a 47 but also had 12 demerits. Some great runs and defensive leader, will lose $20k but if you have trades highly consider him.

  • Mam with a 31 and continues to plod away. Will be selling him this week I think the time has come.


  • Ipap is a steal at $750k if you don’t have well get him.

  • Matterson lost $30k in that one. Conditions didn’t suit his offloading play, give it a week and if he underperforms again well cut him loose.

  • Moses with a 40 and needs to get better. Already thoughts to move to Munster, DCE or Reynolds. Dyl Bags falls into this category also.

  • Reed had 12 demerits. Looked good with the ball again but is just leaking silly points. He has a week to win my love.


  • I wouldn’t be buying any of them. If you have the likes of Hunt and Bird well they are a hold. Ramsey got hurt bad but his low BE means he doesn’t lose much. Cash him down or upgrade him I wouldn’t go back to a mid ranger.


  • DCE unfortunately only knocked out a 50. With Jake and Croker out was always going to be difficult for him. He will bounce back hard.

  • Schuster just give him a starting gig Dezzie. Scored a 36 in his 63 mins and lost another $20k to $270k. I’d buy him the minute he starts on a edge.

  • Not a great scoring night in those conditions for Garrick. 199 run metres shows his quality. I wouldn’t buy him now, but still a top 5 WFB so massive hold.

  • Haumole with a very quiet game. Can do this also which was high I was very hesitant to recommend him at that price.


  • Teddy with a huge 88 as he starts heating up. Only added $25k so is still a steal at $740k. Is only 54% owned by the top 5000 which is very surprising. Everyone needs to own him.

  • That was the best Walker and Keary have played together. Walker at 7 is a million times better.

  • Nat Butcher with a handy 54 in 66 mins. Had a HIA check so this could easily of been a 60+. I’m considering moving Frizell to him. In form and has health on his side. At $548k with a mid/edge dual I think he is well under value considering how important he is to the team.


  • I ended up choosing to sell Barnett. He scored a 43 and Frizell a 39. Just not performing to be final team keepers. We have new trades and so think about an offload coming up. Do track news on Lachlan Fitzgibbon who was hurt again.

  • Klemmer with a disappointing 40 in reduced minutes of 49. Not a sell but keep an eye on those minutes as he needs atleast 60 to be really relevant.

  • Gagi just lost another $25k as he form just continues to dip. Given how good he was at left centre last year I’m surprised they haven’t given him a run there with no Bradman Best atm.

  • Ponga just making people want to delete app. Loses another $30k and who knows where his future lies with 3 head knocks in 6 weeks. Will keep on the watch list but its hard to ever want to go there.


  • No reason to buy and no reason to sell anyone.


  • Hold Tohu and Aitken and don’t touch anything else. Those who jumped on Curran got a nasty surprise with his benching. No idea why but Murchie did play good footy against his old team. If his benched again then you have to sell him.


  • Below $650k, a quality 80 minute hooker like Brailey might not be bad for the bench.

  • McInness if Finucane facing the two weeks on sideline might be a hold again for a couple of weeks. I think you do need to consider an upgrade to a Murray or Haas.

  • It’s in my thoughts to trade in Sifa around the Dragons game. The last 5 games are Dragons, Tigers, Manly, Bulldogs, Knights. Be prepared to bring him in. Do the same with Ramien.


  • Given how far they are ahead I can see rests coming ahead so I wouldn’t be bringing any of their players in as with only 6 games to go we need full value from every player. Even a guy like To’o would appear underpriced is just way too much risk.


  • Damn Cook and Murray are consistent. Just alway up for 60+ game and worth every cent. Because of the price I'd favor Murray.

  • Latrell with another great game. 2TA and just looks interested. Still a very good price, however you are just matching the pack at this point.

  • If you’re still hanging onto Havili its time to offload.

  • Jed Cartwright might turn out to be a handy cash down. If he keeps a spot he might even get the dual tag in a couple of weeks. Will be around $340k on open.

  • Cody Walker is just dreadful. He is just very un relevant atm.


  • Munster (61) and Grant (54) did well to score what they did. Their pack was monstered and the edge defense non-existent. They have a road trip to New Zealand next round. Storm were always going to struggle. Consider they lost their captain Finucane and the Stud Nicho Hynes who are now Cronulla’s best two players. Add no luck with Paps and Cheese being on another planet, I think everyone overrated their true premiership credentials based on a soft opening to the season. Their outside backs without Coates and Reimis are the worst in the NRL.


  • Burton is god, if you don't have him delete app. Of the top 5000 he is only 84% owner, so 800 coaches do not have him.

  • Kingy rewarded owners and making sellers look silly with another impressive 54.

  • RFM with a handy 39 for those low on troops this week.

  • TPJ just makes me laugh. All he wants to do is fight. He's is still 0.5% owned in the top 5000. Please sell him.


  • Fifita somehow got a 60. Was literally uninvolved for the first 30 minutes of the game.

  • Tino actually carried his team, he took so many hit ups I wasn't sure if he had another prop on the field with him. They booed him on every touch so respect to Tino.

  • Erin Clark is a decent lock. He should start at 13 and move Tino to 10.

  • Both Jo Jo Fifita and Booth proving to be nice cash outs. I wouldn't play them in your 17 but they are playing pretty good footy and are good emergencies.


  • Robbo what a weapon. My regret of the year.

  • Lolo just can't crack that 50 his annoying me. Lucky for him I only have 4 trades left.


  • I think a lot of people fell in love with Doueihi after his 80 against the Panthers reserve grade. Still not a bad buy, what was evident was the kick metres today. After 500 KM vs the Panthers, Doeuihi only had 196 and Brooks had 349. Needs to do more to get into the team but still worth a watchlist.

  • Hastings with a handy 49, I wouldn't go chasing though, use your trades more wisely.

  • Pole's mins have come right back this week with only 24 mins. So a little bit of a concern if you've been hit hard with injuries.

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